Mana speed: fast

I have marjana and misandra mana speed fast. Why does it take about 4-5 turns matching 3 or 4 same color to build their special power? Its frustrating and ended up dying on the raid before i can use my special power. I think it needs a fix on the glitches on this.

Fast mana requires 8 tiles to fill without a very high level mana troop. In practice, that usually means 3 3-matches.

Unless there are 3 3-matches lined up and ready to go, it will take some time to get the specials active. And if you get hit by mana cuts (Guinivere, Mitsuko, Li Xiu, Chao, etc.) or mana slows (Alasie, Little John, Sorcerer slash attack, etc.), then it will take significantly longer.


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