Mana shield and Onatel bug?

I havent seen anything related to Mana Shield talent or Onatel’s special in release notes, so it is either a bug or a silent Onatel nerf!
it looks like now whenever a hero with Mana Shield talent is under Onatel’s special, the hero’s talent has a chance to activate for every tile and at the end of every turn! not just once when the special is cast. this severely cripples Onatel’s special against clerics. it used to be, if the special is at its 4th turn, you are safe to dump all the tiles you want, now you can easily charge the enemy’s mana. wtf, SG?
what is next, SG? Mana Shield activated for every turn of Proteus’s and Hel’s specials?
seeing how they messed up Riposte, it wouldnt surprise me if someone who has no idea what he doing was messing with something he has no idea about.

Someone else reported earlier

Think @Guvnor would suggest just not using onatel and then you’re not effected by the bug. Right guv?

How about instead of being sarcastic & attacking me and continuing to misconstrue what I said you actually look for & read my comments on the earlier Onatel Bug thread…

Edit: I’ll quote my comment regarding “not using” onatel…

In answer to the OP report it has been reported :slight_smile:

This is the earlier thread reporting the Onatel Mana Steal vs. Cleric Mana Shield:

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No word as yet as to whether it is indeed an accidental bug or is working as intended.

Lol do you have onatel?

I’m a bettin man

Money says you have onatel and you don’t merc before war

Yeah… maxed +11…

And still use her in my primary Yellow-Stack raid team with Drake & Jackal… even tho the previous two updates have released successive annoyances… Both of which I have commented on…

V26 introduced an annoying swirly thing every time she gains mana under her special:

V27 has introduced the ability for a cleric class to block not just the initial cast of the special but every successive mana steal for the duration of the special:

As for your bet, you lose.

I do have onatel & I do merc before wars if there is a pass titan… I often pop in & out currently before & after matchmaking if it is a pass titan or died super quick & I’ll have wasted flags.

Makes sense why you care about 1 and dismissed another as a player’s fault lol

May have to lay some cash on the next one for sure

Lol bugs don’t get fixed by avoidance

They get fixed by reproduction and multiple reports so that QA can gather as much info as possible and then reproduce the situation themselves

So yes by telling players not to do such n such so they have no bug to report, you have dismissed it

Btw whether they endorse mercing or not, they made it possible which created the bug that you wanted to dismiss with the statement above

If they created a bug that can be used to screw up multiple alliance’s wars at once, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a weapon and not an oops. Anyone with half a brain that has played this game longer than a month knows that

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