Mana Reservoir hero idea

You know when you’re on a roll and all your hero mana is full, but you keep scoring combo after combo. Where does all that extra mana go? Nowhere, right?

Well here is a special skill idea that might be fun to play with:

This prospective hero would collect mana overflow and distribute it back to the respective ally heroes once their special skill has been used.
I’m not sure what secondary skills would be involved, maybe a + Mana regeneration buff. or a - Mana buff for enemies…

May the combos be with you.

I think because we hit our specials straight after the combos are finished if they distributed the ghost mana during that time it would feel a bit unfair. We would wipe raid teams in ease often and visa versa, war would be a nightmare both feeling ecstatic lucky or depressingly hard done by. I compare it to being in a bar, it’s not often the landlord will keep pouring once the beer hits the top of the glass. But i can see your point, it is in theory ghost mana but just try to see it as it wasn’t ours to begin with and you won’t miss it as much

Consider that the hero would have to fill up mana again before any mana would be distributed to other heroes. So it would play out:

  1. Hero gets full mana.
  2. Hero uses special skill, lasts for four turns.
  3. Hero has empty mana.
  4. Play some tiles, Hero gets 3/8 mana.
  5. Play some more tiles, Hero gets 3/8 more mana (at 6/8).
  6. Play some more tiles (off-color), Hero doesn’t get any mana.
  7. Play some more tiles, Hero gets 4/8 mana. Hero only needs 2/8 mana to fill up.
  8. The extra 2/8 is distributed to other heroes on the team.
  9. Skill wears off.

I think it’s a reasonable idea if it can be balanced. I’ve had similar ideas. For instance, if you hit an enemy with overkill, the extra damage spreads to other nearby allies. Or if you heal and the heal fills a hero’s health, the extra heal provides a buff (e.g. extra attack or defense). This wouldn’t apply to every hero - it would be a part of the hero’s special skill.

You have some great ideas I’m definately not knocking that, only thing with the combo deal is raids and war opponents. As it stands i feel it’s unfair the speed opponents mana gains to ours and the damage amount done to us by their specials, feels totally op. Add to that other factors stacked against us in war and i just think any enhancement on our behalf would make the developers boost all the things i already hate lol. Triple amount field aid no thank you. I like your healing idea, pair a strong tank with Rigard and it will be buffs away!

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