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Hi all I’m using all the different mana potions on every titan hit, currently using Miki and I’ve hit the point where I haven’t got enough materials to keep this up lol, without the mana pot my scores aren’t any help to my alliance, so any tips are appreciated thanks.

When is Atlantis Rising you should farm the provinces where the ingredients you need mostly are. The loot is +50% more, so you’ll be able to collect a lot. I don’t even look for ingredients and I am able to produce thousands of minor mana potion in forge. I don’t use often though.


As the bird herder said, Atlantis Rising is your best friend. Pro-tip: Hoard your World Energy Flasks all month and just use them during Atlantis Rising. I’d suggest using SKIPs as much as possible as well, as filling that chest will dump more hams and iron into your coffers to use for feeders or mana etc.

I harvested over 1000+ backpacks out of 23 flasks last Rising.


Sometimes @genshin mana pots are offered as the daily deal and can be purchased with gems through the shop.


Mana potions are the only way to charge your heroes wherever you want (aka, timing a good board).
There’s nothing that can replace it, as Tornadoes eventually trigger some combinations nullify what you are trying to preserve.
If you had reach that point, maybe you are wasting a bit of your items.

If you use all your mana potions right at the start of the attack… just stop it.
It’s suboptimal for damage and you waste more items.

That said, small mana are your best friend as they are easy to craft.
During Atlantis, farm a place with double chance to get strings.

You can easily see where are the zone clicking on the materials on your inventory.

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Large bones are more a problem for me when crafting minor mana - as they are now also needed for harpoons.
And midnight roots are in short supply for the higher mana potion crafting


Farm S2 15-8 N during Atlantis Rising and 8-7 otherwise.

I am forever out of mana potions. Regular farming is really slow.

Can only build up ingredient stockpile during AR

It isn’t clear from your post what type of mana potion you’re using. I’d suggest mixing it up. On some raids you may bring whatever the 100% mana potion is called (super?), but on others it may be smart to mix in the minor mana potion and the one that does 60%. Those are still useful, and can still top up a hero (by themselves or in conjunction with matches). In those cases you are often able to use them more efficiently - that is, if you drink a full one when you’re already at 60%, a lot of that potion is ‘wasted.’

If anybody buys this please send me a picture and I will have a two meter poster made out of it and worship it every night before bed.

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A big big LOL

Gems are too expensive for anything you can farm for free…

Before atlantise rises, I always use Minor Mana, but then large bones are rare for me.
After I can craft Mana Potion, I always mix Minor Mana and Mana Potion.

And now after atlantis rises, it is balance… I hope it can handle until next atlantise rises.
I usually craft if mana below hundred, to be sure ready stock.

I really do not craft mana potions all that often because I tend to raid a lot and have not become really reliant on them. Also, 95% of my food goes towards health potions of all sizes. Only time I use them is when I know one matching set of three tiles is being ghosted and I have a regular mana potion waiting. I mostly implement this on bosses or titans. Rarely if ever on regular mob waves.

But if you need to farm for ingredients, wait until the 4th Thursday of every month when Atlantis Rises is active cause you get 50% more loot at half the energy. As some have said, save all your WE flasks for that time and just farm the ingredients to your hearts content.

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