Mana Potion Allowed to be Consumed while under Mana Block Effect (E.g. Hel or Proteus)

when a hero on my team has the effect that he can’t get mana.
I inadvertently used a mana potion and the hero consumed it but did not get mana.
the game should block the use of the potion and not allow its consumption.
as well as the effect of mockery
that if the hero cannot be attacked he does not allow it. I mean is following the logic of the game and how other effects behave, the logical thing would be that it does not allow you to use the position and does not consume it

Hey man, I did the same mistake few times, I can really understand you. But here is the logic, it does not restrict you to use potions or any other items, it says, you cannot gain mana for 2-3-4 turns from any sources. For example, if you have a healing bad status on your heroes and if you try to use healing potion, you cannot gain its full benefit.


Kinda yah own fault really why use pots when you can’t?
Not a bug or problem more ideas n featured

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I’m pretty certain that all of us at some stage have thought; “Nooo… What was i thinking”.


So, what’'s the fuss here? Are you complaining that you used a mana potion and got nothing on it by reason of the mana freeze? You should have known that. Instead of the mana potion, you should have used antidote to remove that status ailment.

So idk if it’s still the case

But at one time alberich special worked through mana block specials

When i brought it up, i was told that hel type specials only block mana gained through tiles

So now wouldn’t alberich special and mana pots fall into the same category since neither are board generated?

The mana pot may not be a bug but then the alby one would be or vice versa

Maybe slightly off topic but thought it was worth mentioning as at least a little odd and contradicting(i have not pulled alby off the bench in a long time or faced him in defense so i cant say this is still the case but i don’t recall ever seeing a change, could have missed it though)

I can’t recall, does Hel’s special make the mana bar greyed out? I once used a mana pot on a hero forgetting that the opponent blocked mana gain and wasted the pot. THEN I noticed the mana bar was greyed out. It appears when greyed out there’s no mana gain from any source.

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@Rigs, if there is mana blockage, it blocks any source of mana income. Let me give you some other mana gain options even those are will not be able to help you at that time;

  1. Grimble’s minion destroy
  2. Onatel’s mana steal. (PS: I like blocking her mana steal via Proteus)
  3. Misandra’s hits
  4. Alberich’s mana buff.

Those are the ones I am sure of. There is also Inari’s minions that gives mana at the end of each turn but I did not check them.

If that’s the case then i missed the change at some point

@DaveCozy did you ever find if this had been changed?

Fixed a bug where Hel and Proteus were not blocking Onatel from gaining mana.

The change to alberich may have occured simultaneously with the onatel change but just wasn’t in release notes?(couldn’t find any related changes to alberich specifically…)


Alberich mana generation from his special skill working under hel ailment you said was working as intended in the past.

Is this still the case or was there a change??


Potions are affected by other things as well. IIRC, heroes with mana bonus from troops or emblems gain more than stated amount from mana potions (ex: more than 25% mana from a minor mana potion).

Heroes with healing bonus from emblems or troops gain more than the stated amount from healing potions. Heroes with decreased healing status effect (Sand empire heroes, Sargasso, Perseus) gain less than stated amount from healing potions.

No, I didn’t find it ever. I just noted that one day Alberich did not gain as much mana under a speed down debuff, and completely stopped under Hel or similar.

But that change to Onatel not gaining mana under Hel would make sense, if it affected Alberich’s mana recovery in any way


Onatel does not gain mana if she is under the influence of mana stop. On the other hand, I am not sure of how it effects the heroes under the effect of Onatal’s special skill, but probably Onatal’s effect act as normal mana debuff to that heroes in that condition.

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