Mana on heros

I find out the mana in raids and quests are not same for very fast mana heros. So I have 2 guys very fast mana Kagheburado and Mirrewave so on quests from 3 tiles on free so no hit anybody Kagheburado is full mana and Mirrewave needs 4 troop to get full and I mention on Kagheburado and Mirrewave mana troop are on level 11 both of them. Must be a bug or something

Could you post a picture of them along with the troops

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You mention troop level. Are they the same troop? Mystic Mages have a mana boost while Reanimated Master Knights do not.

Are you sure you didn’t ghost a tile? or not ghost a tile?

Ghosted tiles count as double.

For this, if you sent 2 tiles that hit & 2 tiles that ghost = 6 tiles = fully charged very fast mana speed hero;

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