Mana node on fast hero?

Question is in the title. I can figure out a reason to take the emblem node on a fast hero, anyone else have any insight?

Not a priority for me,… but if we can have to 34% mana requirement for 6 tiles (which is game changer here, means to become very fast), then it is worth…
It need another support heroes that boost mana like Ariel, Mica, etc…
Class Node 8 and 19 is 2% and Class Node 20 is 4%.
Troop level 29 is 15%.

So, Mica charge-1 (very fast), can be an option, look at this:
Mica charge-1 will boost mana 15%.
Total mana: 4+15+15 = 34% (which is the minimum requirement).

Another option, Mica charge-2 (avarage 9 tiles with troop lvl 11), can be an option, look at this:
Mica charge-2 will boost mana 26%.
Total optimal: 4+15+26 = 45% (overload mana which is great)
Total with class8 or class19: 2+15+26 = 43% (still overload mana which is great)
Total without emblem: 15+26 = 41% (still overload mana which is great)

Mica charge-3 will boost mana 33%.
Total optimal: 4+15+33 = 52% (overload mana which is great)
Total with class8 or class19: 2+15+33 = 50% (still overload mana which is great)
Total without emblem: 15+33 = 48% (still overload mana which is great)
But Mica charge-3 is super slow (15 tiles).

Another option, with Ariel, she give 24% boost (but at 1st we need 9 tiles blue of her if you have mana lvl 23 or mana lvl 17 with mana path on cleric emblem on 19th).
Total mana: 4+15+24 = 43% (overload mana which is great).
Without mananode: 15+24 = 39% (still overload mana which is great)

Another cases is when we get mana debuff by Telluria or other mana slowdown ailments.

So, it depend on which we have and synergy it. Without support, it is imposibble to rich 6 tiles for fast heroes.


Do you intend to use them on defense? The mana gain on defense is not linear and therefore less subject to breakpoints like you get in offense. After the first 3 tiles in a turn the mana gain lessens considerably. What that does mean is that a small mana % difference may results in a cascade resulting in a full charge vs not fully charging, although I don’t believe it is possible to calculate exactly. It would also probably be a bit of an edge case. But if you increase the mana% through troops, emblem node, costume etc without hitting the breakpoint on offense you would definitely still have a benefit in defense, or also likely in offense when a mana debuff is applied


I got a questions on this. Not fast Mana, but it’s about quintess. I got him at 19 emblems. Do I still need a Mana troop at level 23 with a level 20 emblem to him average or will level 20 on embleming make him average?

Based on this tables:

Slow heroes (12 tiles) need 20% to make it avarage (10 tiles).
And the only choice is Troop level 29 + Costume bonus.

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