Mana loss after firing another hero

This has been happening from the beginning, but I’ve noticed it a lot lately and I’m wondering if someone has a similar problem.

What happens is that sometimes, when I have several heroes full on mana and fire off one special, one of the other heroes loses a little mana. Not very much, just one or two tiles but obviously it’s a difference between firing or not firing.

It has been happening everywhere; titan, raid, war, map, event. As far as I know it seems random: doesn’t seem to be a particular hero or hero combination.

I don’t have a screenshot as of yet but will try to capture one.

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Correction: it’s not only in the above case. I just had a full Kelile ready to fire in a war attack after the revenge arrows. Arrows fire, and when the animation of hit on my heroes goes away, Kelile is no longer ready to fire and misses a little of her mana.

Is this a known issue? It’s certainly incredibly frustrating…

(I’m not imagining things :stuck_out_tongue: I thought I did for a very long time, which is why I only mention it now after months)

Screenshot? It would be helpful to know who your opponent heroes are…

(I’m wondering if LiXiu fired or something similar.)

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Hi Rook;

Yeah I’m trying, but I’m lazy and don’t think of shooting screenshots all the time :smile: but not giving up! But it’s most certainly not due to enemy LiXiu firing. It’s also just one hero that loses a little mana that makes difference between full and not-completely-there, my other heroes don’t lose any of their mana. So far I’ve been noticing it mostly when I fire my own healer, or with the revenge arrows once.

Finally someone else had the same problems like me and did a new thread about this problems is raised sometime ago on the forum by myself. I got also the same answer that to some screenshot or to record, and they were asking if somehow lixiu was one of the opponent heroes. And is exactly like you said: i am not firing my special as soon as is available but waiting for one turn sometimes following a strategy and sometimes when i turn to that hero to fire the special is not longer available because its lost some mana, and in raids is pretty annoying . I hope can catch on a video because its not happens very often but its does happens enough times to be very annoying.

Ow, I’m glad (well, not glad for you because obviously it sucks but you know what I mean) I’m not the only one! For I’ve been seriously thinking I was just imagining it for the longest time, that’s why I haven’t raised the issue for months. Now with the wars it’s all the more annoying, of course, because it’s hard enough as it is to win with those pesky revenge arrows :slight_smile: and the loss of Kel’s special I mentioned above might have very well lost me that particular war attack so yeah :frowning:

Again, what heroes are you using? What heroes are you enemy(s) using?

Without this basic data, we’re just guessing in the dark. :wink:

I’m just throwing it out here so that the devs are aware of the problem because I know it’s an actual glitch, not enemy mana leecher hero firing and stealing my mana. Still trying to catch a screenshot :smile:

It seems to happen when there is some kind of animation on the pictures of my team… just happened again; I had Jackal, Boldtusk and Lianna fired up (rest of my team was Kiril and Sartana), enemy fired Sabina and when the animation of her clearing my buffs ended, Jackal was also ‘cleared’ :stuck_out_tongue: of a little mana. Enemy team Li, Sabina, Boril, Boldtusk, Horghall. And to spare the obvious question, no, enemy Li didn’t fire :slight_smile:

Since I don’t think this is a common bug, it might be useful to see if you are using the same device @aadi222 @Jmorphnow ?

Samsung Galaxy s7 (20 characters)

I am using Samsung TAB2 and Samsung Note 8. I do not remember if it happend on both because i play a lot on both but i think i had the issue on both devices.

Trimis din Yahoo Mail pe Android

If you suspect a glitch (especially if it keeps happening), you can contact Game Support directly:

Thinking back there have been a few times when I thought I had a special ready, and it wasn’t. I’ll keep an eye out and take notes if I spot anything odd happening.

Got this too… on my ipad. N screeshots taken (yet) tho.