Mana issues raid

Has anyone else got this issue? The mana of my heroes is not filling properly. This has happened regularly the past week. Please see attached picture

The enemy has 2 heroes that affect mana generation. Mitsuko cuts mana of all your heroes and Onatel steals generated mana of 3 targets (or 2 if she targets hero in the corner).


Mitsuko is also 3 oponents only! But im pretty sure thats what happen…
What was the tank? Maybe some mana controler too?

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Thanks for your input, but you can see that all the enemies have no spells. Both Mitsuko and Onatel have yet to fire. This also applies to Drake as there’s no blind on the enemies. Actually, no special skills are used in this raid

Mitsuko is a Sorcerer.


Well they have diffrent mana speed maybe some 4* mana troops?

I was forhetting about this! The class talent can also afect mana regen!

That is my guess as well.
If no specials were shot, sorcerer’s talent is the best guess


Ah, of course. Thank you @Shenjairo


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