Mana issue

What’s up with the mana it’s is really slow on fast and very fast heros? Sent 9 red gems up the board with mana troops and no mana. Use to only take 4 gems to fire up mana. What heck is going on? I am hearing other have this issue as well.

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No eres el unico a mi tambien me pasa que los heroes de mana rapido se hacen promedio los promedios lentisimls y los lentos no cargan el juego asi esta perdiendo gracia porque otro problema es que no ponen adversarios adecuados a vuestros niveles si no que siempre ponen enormes y que no hay posibilidades de ganar y con lo del mana esos se hacen invensibles que pasa con esos errores o mejor dicho horrores

translation (by mod):

You are not the only one. It also happens to me that fast and average heroes charge slowly, and slow heroes do not charge in the game, so the game is losing its charm for me. Another problem is that they do not match you with opponents adequate to your level, but instead give you very strong opponents and there is no chance of winning. With the mana issues, strong opponents become invincible.

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