Mana is poor during raids but enemies is superb

Why is it that when you hit enemies during raids their Mana increases at an exponential rate, but when my heros get hit their mana decreases tremendously? (Even if the enemy team/heros are weaker than mine.) It seems a little unfair/annoying. During battles on the field this doesn’t happen, only raids. It’s like the raids are set against you. I lose a lot more than when I win and it’s hard joining specific alliances who require a certain amount of trophies.


When I started playing, I also got really frustrated at this. Even now I still do, sometimes when the boards do not give me the color tiles I need.

But I improved my raiding a lot by reading tips here on the forum. This post for example:

By the way, you say your heroes’ mana decreases a lot? do you mean they get hit by specials such as Li Xiu’s or Chao’s, which reduces mana directly?


No their heros won’t even have that special capability but their hits will decrease my Mana, while theirs go through the roof.

There was a recent post with a similar question (though, about damage rather than mana).

Raid Tournament Disparity

Aside from some heroes (e.g., Proteus) with the ability to suppress mana generation or (e.g., Li Xiu) diminish it and the fact some troops actively improve the rate at which mana is generated while others don’t, I have never noticed a disparity in raids. (I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, I just haven’t observed it.)


This could be due to talents as some increase the speed in which they gain mana.

Talent skills is quite often missed and/or forgotten by players thus we feel there is something wrong.


That’s very true, however, I feel as if it’s a consistent issue with all of the enemy heros.

I’m going to read it…maybe I’m missing something…?


I’d start with troops. For a long time, I used (and leveled) troops that enhanced defense (the shield icon in the troop stats). My thinking is, if I can hang in there long enough, I’ll be good. On the advice of someone in my alliance, I then switched to developing troops that enhance mana (the diamond icon). I’m just getting those troops to be on par with the earlier ones, so I can’t say that I have empirical evidence that this is the right path to take, but I will say that in raids where I have two heroes with, say, Average speed – one with a strength troop and another with a mana troop – the effect is noticeable.

So, look at the troops you are using for your heroes. If they don’t have the diamond icon for mana rate, consider (obtaining and) leveling mana troops.


That is so true, I also see that difference with my smaller alt accounts where I haven’t taken the time to level my troops to much.
So I’m using maxed 5* heroes there with level 2 to 4 troops, not good right, lol, I know, but I am aware of that difference and will get to my troops eventually, lol.

But this affects your tiles overall strength thus also the speed in which your mana increases and if the opponents have strong troops theirs will go up significantly faster than yours.


Ohhh okay! you’re right then… I am missing something. I have 3troops now with low levels. SMH I didn’t know they were that important and so far my diamond stats suck. The highest is freaking 11%. Thank you for the tip!!!


I’m glad you caught it early. The good news is, unlike me, you hadn’t invested a lot in the wrong troops, you just hadn’t paid them much attention (it seems). Troops do, though, take a lot of materials. Best of luck!


what are you talking about? actually, every following cascade gives enemy heroes less and less mana.

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Haha…Oh, trust me. I know what I’m talking about and I definitely “know what that means”. Their Mana recharges quickly/automatically after I hit them. You know…the blue bar right below the red one, or their “life line bar?”

woosh, that is the sound of

I meant the word exponential, not mana :man_facepalming:

Well, maybe my experience is different from yours? ( I tried to explain in my first post when I mentioned the topic). Linear is basically a straight line/course, “BeefFart?” :rofl: I can assure you I didn’t fail at mathematics. I’m a nursing major, currently working on my BSN-RN (Heading into my senior year). Please, don’t insult my intelligence. “Exponential” basically means a continuous increase, which is WHAT I AM EXPERIENCING! You may not have had nor currently have the same issues. To be honest, I wouldn’t care. At this point I couldn’t care less. Lol After all, it is just a game, correct? I was just curious on whether or not anyone was experiencing the same issue/feeling, and whether or not that had any advice. Good day and good night, BeefFart. :cow2:

I knew what you were getting at. The point didn’t fly over my head. :joy: :rofl:

Mr Montoya was right!

You killed Mr Montoya’s father?

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It seems like this question has been answered already.

I’d prefer if the thread didn’t get derailed offtopic too :wink:


Apparently! Lol! Although, I’m with @DaveCozy. Time to stop before things get out of hand. :zipper_mouth_face: :rofl:

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