Mana Guide for Newbies


I couldn’t figure out how to add this link but I believe it’s important to read for a full understanding. (Mana Generation vs Re-generation and heroes) I am a newbie and I have decided to include what I am confident about from what I have learned to late too really take advantage of. There is a lot to learn. If you are like me you have been taking advantage of Mana in the way explained on the link which is great. However, as you probably already know mana refuels your hero’s special power. If you create your primary battle team when in battle you will notice that sometimes the strongest or the one who can regenerate your team get attacked a lot. We respond by keeping them alive. Great but it will cost you too much health. After you save your hero pump them up with man’s and activate!!! My experience has been that it can turn the whole battle in your favor. I apologise if this is to lengthy or unclear. This is my first, please bear with me as I improve because I think if you wait too long you you miss key points for beginners. I hope this helps before you lose battles you don’t have to.