Mana glitch?


After using Li Xiu’ special, her mana was instantly half filled again, that keep happening during that raid match.

I’m not sure why or how, but it happened at least twice, with me as the attacker with a glitched Li and with a fellow alliance mate against Li Xiu.

When it happened to me, it was after a few big yellow combos. Not sure if that was the reason of the glitch.


Did the special hit or miss?


Don’t quite remember, why?


Because if the hero special misses it only costs 50% of your mana.


Really? That doesn’t seem right at all. I use Wu Kong and my misses never cost 50%. But yeah, I just missed and that happened again with Li Xiu.


Just tried again with Throne, and yes it missed and got 50% back. Is it a Hu Tao thing? I’ve never seem that happen before, and I deal with misses all the time with Wu Kong.


See this topic: Heroes being half charged after using special


Yes, it is confirmed by Petri as a feature. Also mentioned here:

Effects, specials and stacking: