Mana generation while missing

I’m really new to this game. Did I just not see that when I’m attacking and deliberately miss to gain more mana that the enemies mana bar increases anyway? And when I’m attacking in quests, recently my tiles aren’t doing damage? No specials were activated by the way when this happens. I can’t find any posts on this

Every time you make a match, the defenders mana bar will increase slightly, whether they are hit by tiles or not. This will be more for faster speed heroes.

Tiles that hit generate a different amount of mana, which is unrelated to the “per turn” gain described above

If your tiles are doing zero damage when they hit that could either be

  • you have no heroes attacking of that colour (although technically that gives one point of damage per hit)
  • you were attacking one of the chests when it wasn’t open, and was “invulnerable”
  • the particular enemy had the three blue shields in front (meaning it reflects blue) and you were hitting it with blue tiles

Thank you for the response. The first answer makes sense, I just didn’t notice, but the second neither explanation is true. I was hitting a green enemy with no defences with a red tile and two red heroes on the field, it should have done something! I also noticed my red hero Colen only hit 2 of the 3 villains on the field, again no defences activated and no shield or reflection, and villain was green? Am I missing something?

Well I can’t think of a reason why what you are describing would happen. Either you’re mistaken (I’m not hassling you) or you have some kind of weird bug.

If this persists, suggest putting a support ticket, and if you can, perhaps video or screenshot it. Sounds really weird to me

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Thanks, it’s only been since the last update and only on red as far as I can tell.

And purple, Tiburtus was aimed in the middle and only did damage on the left. glitchy

If it helps heres a screen shot. Is there something special about the thing on the left I don’t see?

You have Gamblers Stance active (Wu Kong’s skill).

He gives all your heroes a massive attack boost, at the expense of an accuracy drop. Tiburtus just missed the left enemy, but he didn’t miss the middle boss and right enemy.

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It’s because of Wu Kong. He greatly increases your attack, but also gives each hero a chance to miss.

So just for absolute clarity, here is Wu’s card:

Normal situation with heroes is they have 100% accuracy, so they cannot miss their targets. Skills like this (and the blind ability that heroes like Drake and Justice have) reduce accuracy. So When Wu’s buff is active, each hero only has 68% accuracy, so they will miss on average about 1 in 3 attacks. Which is exactly what happened here.

It isn’t a bug. Wu makes your attacks much more powerful but you run the risk of missing. He is at his best on titans as you should be launching lots of tiles

When I am blinded and miss with tiles, do I still gain mana?

Thanks everybody! I didn’t know if I was just missing something and apparently I am! Lol always learning

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