Mana generation vs Mana Recovery

Can anyone explain the difference between Mana generation and Mana Recovery?

For example…li xiu i have in costume ( +5% Mana bonus) + level 11 Mana troops ( +9% Mana Recovery) + extra (2%) from talent grid.
I tested and she activated in 9 tiles.
16% of 10 tiles = 1.6 tiles faster. = 8.4.
Which rounds up to 9 Tiles.

Not sure if i an doing the math correctly?

I then put her next to Khagan who gives extra +24% Mana generation after activation of special… but it didn’t add up. She only activated in 8 tiles.
She did not activate +24% faster.

24% of 8.4 = 2 tiles faster… = 6.4
Which means she should activate in 7 tiles.?

That’s worst case scenario… If the +16 stacks with the +24 then that’s +40% Mana generation.
Which would mean she would activate in 6 tiles.

So depending on the math i would expect 6 or 7.
But definitey not 8… The maths don’t work out either way for 8 tiles.

So i looked at the Mana bonus… Khagan gives +24% Mana generation … But the troops and costume give +16% Mana Recovery… So it’s different wording… Does one cancel out the other?

You can check this thread for details. :slight_smile:

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Both troops and emblems give “mana bonus” as you can see written in bold text. And all the mana bonus adds up. So, level 30 mana troop and the mana node will give you a total of 17% mana bonus. :slight_smile:

Hi , thanks for the links but they are not useful i read the threads on Mana percentages etc… before posting this new thread.

In response to the other reply… Thanks again. But i already added the troop to the emblem and costume Mana bonus as i stated in my opening post. I know they add together.

I stated that they don’t add together with khagan Mana generation.

Li Xiu is average, charging in 10 tiles normally. With all the mana buffs from costume, troops, emblems and Khagan, she reaches the 40% mana buff you’re talking about.

Yet, for her to charge in 7 tiles, she needs: 10/7 = 42.8% or 43%.

That’s why she’s charging in 8 tiles instead.


This is correct. And here is a link to a chart someone posted showing this.

Well, the reason I linked that thread is because it could potentially answer your question. Anyway, let me just refer to the mana formula given in that thread.

For your case, R = 10 (as Li Xiu is average speed), MB = 5% (from costume) + 9% (from L11 troop) + 2% (emblem node) + 24% (Khagan mana boost) = 40%

Then, using Eq (2) we have, P x (100+40) = 10 x 100 => P = 7.14 ~ 8 tiles

Which means, even with the Khagan mana boost she will still need 8 tiles to charge fully. If you actually want her to charge in 7 tiles (that is P = 7) you would need a mana boost of 7 x (100 + MB) = 1000 or, MB = 42.8 ~ 43%. So in order to achieve this, you would need L23 mana troop (13%) instead of the L11 troop, along with all the other boosts. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the replies explaining. I understand the way they have done the maths now.
So it looks like i need an extra 3% :slight_smile:

One thing to note is that the mana quantities are always rounded down.
This is why average mana needs +12% bonus to get reduced from 10 to 9, despite generating literally 99.9% mana in 9 tiles with an 11% bonus.

So +40% Mana generation takes her down from 10 tiles to 7.14…
Not sure how that’s 40% faster.?

AVERAGE 10 tiles, if every tile it’s 10% then every time you are 10% faster it should knock off 1 tile.

Thanks for teaching me the equations they use, but i still don’t understand the logic behind them to be honest. Because the fact is the equations only prove +40% Mana speed does not make you activate 40% faster.

If they use the same math philosophy for wu kong it would explain why he misses way more that 34% of the time. :smile:

It’s easier to split it into the following steps to understand:

For example, an average hero generates full mana in 10 tiles.

  • This means they generate 100%/10 = 10% mana with one tile.
  • Mana generation bonuses affect the amount generated.
  • With 10% bonus, you now generate (10*1.1)% = 11% mana.
  • You need 100%/11% tiles for a special, always rounded up.
  • This results in 9.090909… tiles to cast, rounded up to 10.

Edited for improved math.
With the 40% example, you generate 14% per tile (40% more than 10), and need 100%/14% = 7.143 tiles, rounded up to 8.

This is also why reduction of mana generation is incredibly potent. Mist reduces mana generation by 64%, which makes you generate 10% * (1-0.64) = 3.6% mana per tile, almost tripling the necessary tile count for special.

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The rounding numbers makes it so bad when trying to generate mana is almost a joke

Thanks, that explains it in a way i can understand, it is appreciated.

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