🏵 Mana generation tile reduction with mana troops and new mana talent bonus?

Did anyone make a calculation for mana generation tile reduction for a 20 talent hero with full mana bonus added?


  1. A hero with maxed 20 talent = maxed bonus mana generation,
    How much mana troop lvl is needed to decrease by 1 tile needed to mana up, per mana speed?
  2. Which classes are debatable for discussion?

Anybody has an input already?


@_John_Doe I think this thread was at least attempting to answer that:

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Thx. :wink: Will look into it.

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And this answers in most part the question. So there is hope to work both ways and get that 1 tile reduction faster (if only I can get 4* troops :smile: )


Class talent lvl 8 + troop lvl 17 >>> most achievable for rogues and rangers

Average rangers:
5* : RedHood :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, Athena, Gregorion,
4* : Buddy, Tiburtus
3* : Isshtak

Average rogues:
5* : Domitia, Inari, Khiona
4* : Danzaburo, Guardian Jackal
3* : Carver, Dawa

tc20 are bolded

*tc20 heros are bolded

20 characters

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:crazy_face: indeed. thx Rigs

I dont understand… Class talent 8 for Domitia is 2%, troop lvl 11 is 9%. You need 12% to bring down one tile… IT would be troop 17 + 2% from ranger and rogue talent number 8


You are right. I missread: for average, troop 17 stack with class 8 and troop 11 stacks with class 20 for 10 to 9 tiles reduction. bummer :confused:

Ty for correction :wink: it seems im not attentive this morning.

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:coffee: :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

Drink up

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