Mana generation issue

I don’t know if any of you ever face a similar problem, but one of my hero failed to receive some mana from tiles during a raid. Here’s the screen cap (no video, sorry). But what you see here is Kingston half full while Lianna and Telly are almost full.

This happened after a few turns only, no special had been used apart from Grazul’s. Even with different troops, Kingston should have almost the same amount of mana Lianna has.

How is that possible? It’s a first for me in over two years.

Same here

wilbur(troop lv1) faster than marjana(troop lv20!!!)

There are a few other people that also have this issue on anther thread think there’s was due to war. Your in a raid video would be better if you can.

I started recording after the issue, but the rest of the fight was all good.

Very strange.

If you can take the same the same squad do a few Raids video them. see if it accours again

I use that team regularly lately. It never happened before. I’ll keep a close eye on the mana next times.

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Similar issue for me… Early in the match, No specials had been casted, Eve and Kingston both have critical troops… I have sensed the same issue before, this time i have clear evidence…

behold, the solution is near :wink:

Carefully read my ursenas talent.

  • each slash attack has a chance to slow mana by 50% for 2 rounds

I see ursenas and mitsukos (sorcerer class) on the enemies defense.
I am 100% sure that the talent triggered and its really easily missed as the effect holds only two rounds.

Most people havent seen this because the chances where low back to a time where it was about only 6 or 9% (as my ursenas).
But now many sorcerer heroes have many emblems and therefore 15% Chance for each slash attack.


Geez. You’re right!

Ok. I’m dumb. Or drunk.

Thx @Enni !!

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