Mana Generation Equality

I’ve noticed that the monsters generate mana regardless of what color they are and what color matches were made. But the PAYING CUSTOMERS heroes only generate mana when matches are made with their corresponding color. This seems to give the monsters a distinct advantage… This also applies to raids - regardless of what color the attacked hero is, they gain mana when hit.

In the interest of fairness to your paying customers, mana generation should be treated equally and the rules applied uniformly to monsters and heroes across the board!!!

Thank you.

They should definitely not be receiving mana when your using the opposing color that doesn’t make much sense at all. They don’t get mana when using specials. But this really does not make a lot of sense how the defense is generating mana. I mean if your hitting holy and you have dark they should not gain nearly as much mana as if your hitting holy against holy. But I agree 100% that this should be more aligned with the offense aspect of the game.

I do understand that SG has to generate revenue from the game and they do that by offering aids that require X # of gems. If you want those extra aids - you have to buy some gems, or play for a very long time to earn that many. But, sometimes they are making things so difficult on the players that people just get frustrated and quit playing the game, and therefore quit spending $$ on it. The mana generation is just one glaring example of how they are frustrating their customers into quitting… Materials for ascending is another one.

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Are you serious? You already have a large advantage on offense and you want to create a bigger advantage?

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Mana is balanced let me explain why.

The way the game works is Offense builds mana thought the use of tile combo’s. We match a tile up that tile goes forward and generates us mana.

Defense works differently, defenders attack and gain a small amount of mana per turn. All defenders attack and they use a basic AI function to determine who to attack and were. This doesn’t change its always the same AI and always the same system that is used for player defense.

Monster/Titan Defense works the same way except I think the AI is tweaked a bit.

Why I say this is fair is because its the same for everyone regardless. Also since there AI will never be as advanced as a typical player. The AI needs a few advantages we don’t. One we can cascade tiles, the AI can not it will always have a finite number of attacks. I have had combos go as high as like 22 I think which far surpasses the number of attacks the AI can achieve at 5.

There is also the fact tactically the AI is at a big disadvantage due to its simplicity. Typically these sorts of programs are run with a set of instructions if X is true do Z if Y is true do E etc etc. The Human mind is not limited by such simple limitations. We are capable of complex strategy. This is why we have offense and Defensive teams.

I guess in hindsight after typing this up, the following has to be true.

Offense is one type of game mode
Defense is another

Breaking them up makes them as fair as humanly possible. Because the only way you could truly achieve. A AI on the same footing as a human would be to use something like Google AI then there would still be the random element a human could bring.

mana should be equal. both offense and defense should have equal mana.

Agree with what you have said but may I add a question here based on mana against defense teams.

When I first started everyone used to say, create a hole and build your mana through that hole as defense heros don’t gain mana unless their hit.

I am noticing more and more that every defense hero still gains mana when not hit and some at in large amounts.

How is that?

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