Mana gain seems off

Have you guys noticed that you are hitting people and not getting mana? I noticed yesterday in a raid, 3attacks with yellow and look for Wu and his mana is empty but today was worst, using Avelyn and Caedmon again 3 attacks at beginning and Avelyn is nearly full and Caedmon is completely empty, is this company just thinking in money that they don’t care if the game works properly? Hope they sort the problems


Do you have any screenshots?

Not come across this bug but there are plenty of skills and abilities that can block mana gain.

Proteus and Hel for example, the sorcerer class talent and S3 has quite a few heroes that stop mana gain or steal mana on death

Didn’t took screenshots but this was 1st 3 attacks I made, both yesterday and today, first 9 tiles throw in different parts of the board so it wasn’t any defensive buff from anyone but will take screenshots when it happens again

Yesterday if I took a screenshot it would have made no sense but today with both greens on the team and one nearly full and other completely empty would have been the right one

Wu’s miss applies to tiles as well. So when they miss, your heroes wont get mana. Was Wu’s boost on for your greens? That would explain the disparity as the miss is applied separately for each hero.

Now if you want to complain about Wu’s miss rate being higher than it should be, there are quite a few threads on the forum on that. Just do a search :slight_smile:

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Well, there have been a couple of threads going in this direction but they have never been filled with any kind of facts. No screenshots, no videos, nothing… So it’s pretty hard to imagine that this bug really exists.

IMHO, most of these situations are based on different troops that have been applied to the heroes. In this case it is possible that, even if they are both on the same mana level, one of them could have full mana and the other one not.

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No this was the 1st 3shots on the game, I looked at the board and was happy as anything, Wu would be ready very quickly and same with the greens, Avelyn was charged and Caedmon was empty and I know about Wu misses but for me he’s great and until I get the Indian in a horse body, sorry can’t remember his name, I will be using Wu

I’ll post my team here in a bit, but can you explain me how after 3 shots at the beginning of the game I have Avelyn/Evelyn fully charged and Caedmon fully empty? Mana bonus in troops is not that great and besides don’t have any of the troops at that level, but will post the team I’m talking about

This only started happening recently, well at least that I noticed, before Wu it happened I looked at my heroes expecting them charged with mana and they weren’t but really noticed after Wu, 3 set of 3 tiles he should be just about to fully charged and was empty but today if charged Evelyn but didn’t Caedmon again with 1st 3 hits in different parts of the board

That’s what you said, right but it is pretty hard to except this as a fact, as long as there are no facts presented.

Therefore, I prefer to provide a possible solution that could be accepted as most common explanation.

this is my first thought, especially since talents seem to have this strange ability to fire the first time they’re triggered.

As far as I know, missed tiles still generate mana.

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Oh I didn’t know that!! Thank you for clarifying and apologies for the confusion :slight_smile:

I think I may have seen something like you are describing but is not something I could reliably replicate. This could be delusional: To me it looks like the reflected mana is setting off tiles in a cascade leaving the heroes underneath untouched or unaffected.

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