Mana gain leakage (issue not solved)

Dear Devs, @Petri , @Kerridoc and all,

Yes, there were at least 2 threads on or around this point (one of threads even named as “solved”), but the problem when mana gain leaks is still alive - today, during a tournament fight, one Kage got loaded with mana fully, whereas another one (I’ve got 2 maxed Kages) with the same troops got his mana bar just partially full. A lil bit later, in the same fight, Alasie with 17lvl manatroops, under Ariel’s acceleration buff, couldn’t load her mana bar to 100% after 3 blue stones thrown into empty space.

This issue is very important to solve completely, and it occurs pretty regularly and is sometimes a game changer: PvP, tournaments, alliance wars - mana gain leakage pops up everywhere.

Devs, could you please fix it and make the game great again - please, do not make even mana gain random.


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Is this even possible? I mean Alasie is a fast mana hero, so you would typically need a level 27 mana troop to reduce her mana gain by 1 tile. So unless, Ariel’s boost decreases the tile requirement by 2, it should not be possible for her to charge with only 6 blue tiles.

Is it possible that one of the Kages was affected by the sorcerer’s delay talent? Do you have any screenshots of the match when this happened?


17lvl manatroops turn Alasie into a very fast hero when under Ariel’s buff - that means, she needs only 3 tiles thrown into empty space, or alternatively, 6 tiles that hit enemy heroes.

But she clearly didn’t get her mana bar full, so it was a bug.

You are quite mistaken my friend. Under Ariel boost a fast mana hero requires 7 tiles (6.5 tiles to be exact) to charge fully unless you have a level 27 mana troop, in which case it requires 6 tiles (5.5 to be exact). Please see this post for reference. :slight_smile:

Apparently not (before & after screens: Alasie charges after 3 tiles thrown into emptiness):

What level mana troop were you using on Alasie?

As I said, just 17 lvl, don’t have anything more leveled.

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You are correct, level 17 mana troop + Ariel boost does reduce fast mana hero tile requirement to 6 (as evidenced by the chart). So in that case the only explanation for the anomaly could be if she was effected by a sorcerer class talent.

From the screenshots you posted earlier, your Kages were indeed facing Mitsuko who is a sorcerer and can induce the delay talent. Also, both of your Kages need a level 11 mana troop to charge in 6 tiles. Same for your Grazuls and Gravemaker.

If none of the above happened for sure, then it is definitely a bug and needs to reported with proper screenshots or videos as proof.


I deleted this post, because I realized that it was because of Mitsuko’s usual special attack on Gravemaker that reduced his mana by 20% - so it was not showing the bug.

It is complicated to anticipate the bug and make before & after screenshots - the better solution would be to record videos of fights and save them only in cases when the leakage bug occurs, so I will do it - I would also encourage other players to do so as well, because it is important to get rid of this issue, which, to my understanding, was not solved yet.

So, please, record videos of your fights, and save them only in cases when this leakage bug occurs, and post before & after screenshots made from the recorded video.

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Yup, that definitely sounds like a very good idea. :slight_smile:

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