Mana gain - complete mess or working as intended?

Take a look at the video:

Empires&Puzzles - Mana Gain video

First time Delilah fills with 9, then with 8 and finally with 7 attacking troops.

Am I missing something?

Yes, when a tile does not hit any opponent and disappears into the abyss, that’s known as ghosting. 1 ghosted tile is worth 2 Mana gain.
Delilha needs a total of 10 (average special). Your first match was 3, plus 2nd match of 3, plus the 3rd match (1 hit, 2 ghosted) of 5. Total of 11 and enough to charge.

Same story for the other matches.



Where is that in the tutorial explained then? ^^

@Moderators - close if you need.

Ghosting is well known. Naturally, not everyone thinks to mention it…

Thanks 2Spook’d!


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