Mana gain bugged?

Today approximately 1hr ago I had problems in raid with managain.

Had fired all the specials once. And after that, 1 yellow tile to an opponent and 3 ghosts giving Jackal a new special but not for the other. Seems the other Jackal only got 3 tiles, not doubletiles when ghosted.

You are under effect of blind. Still, I don’t know if missing tiles applies to all heroes of the same color with the same measure…

To be precise, not under the effect of blind, under the effect of Ranvir which gives tiles or specials the possibility to miss if the target has more hp but how ghosting (making a 3 tile connection on open space, no opponent there) could be counted as a possibility to miss? Ghosting is always doublemana in my knowledge…

I actually wanna find out the answer too. I posted so automatically to be informed when other posts appear. The thing I want to know the most if the missing tiles applies the same for all heroes :slight_smile: If not, this could be the reason…

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Does one have a mana troop on it? Only thing I can think of


Oh boy, I didn’t think of most obvious reason :rofl:

So, since the last update, I have had a problem with mana gain, as in, the mana of the heroes gets lowered instead of increased with tiles, and this thing prevents my heroes from getting full.
I’ll try to catch it on video to officially complain.

Really? Check the picture and you will see how far the Jackals are from each other. Other has special ready and the other is barely halfway there.
Please tell me which troops I should put on so I could get 2x normal mana just by using troops because within 2yrs of my play I haven’t found that.

Not sure what’s happening now. I just tested mana troop vs. non-mana troop and it’s a lot closer than this. Here’s the pic of that to help your bug report.

@Korppi perhaps is all about that issue many players experienced -> [KNOW ISSUE] Mana Gained Decreases

Mitsuko is a Sorcerer.

Are you sure she didn’t delay the other Jackal? A 50% reduction to Mana Gain would fit the scenario you’re describing perfectly.


That would fit perfectly, but I can’t recall I saw a whirlspin over the other Jackal indicating lower managain…

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