Mana from heaven

Toxicandra gives a moderate amount of mana and a hero like Devana gives a small amount. Now is it possible to know what percentage of the mana bar is filled with these amounts


I don’t know why SG doesn’t make this clear already…
Imagine if your oven had heat settings - Mild, Moderate and High… :smiley:
Just tell me the precise numbers already… Why does this have to be so Hand Wavy :wave: ?

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Not sure exactly what moderate is, but i recall small amount being 1 tile

when they change (nerf/buff) they don’t have to notify the gamer :rofl:

I believe moderate mana is 0.8 tile and small mana is 0.4tile.


If you do not know the exact number, then you can never find any error or fault.

In the land of the blind the 1 eye man is king

Not if his one eye is also blind or heavily sight hindered

Are you trying to spin some sales on the cyclops troops, calling them kings?


is this why Cyclops is the leader of the X-Men?