Mana Discrepancy

This has probably been brought before. Why is it the opposition always gain mana faster, don’t matter how slow they are are at gaining it. I do a raid revenge against the same heroes of which Elena is a part just to clarify, and dispite literary being slow they always seem to gain mana faster than my heroes like Thorne and Lianna. It really puts one off the game after a few tries with the same result to the point that I’d rather flee than put up with it. But that’s me.

Defending heroes gain some mana each turn and also gain mana when you hit them with tiles. Attacking heroes gain mana only when you match tiles but they get x2 mana for ghost tiles (not hitting the enemy).
I don’t think there’s any bug. If you still believe something works wrong, would it be possible that you record your battle, upload to YouTube or and share here?


Part of the strategy of raid attack is working out how to fill your mana without filling the opponents’. Sometimes with a bad board it’s well nigh impossible.

Mana generation is different between the attacker and the defender. The defender gets a mana boost even from off-colour gems.


Most of the issues ppl have with raids is the mechanic on stacking. A lot of these heroes would be impossible to kill based on the game mechanics without stacking however by stacking you run the risk of not having your color hence the bad boards.

So when raiding use heroes that have synergy with each other and hope for a board that has your colors or manipulate the boards without dying until your colors appear.

Trust me I share in your frustration of raiding but at this point it is what it is.

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