Mana disappears for no reason. Didn't use special but mana went down to half

Mana disappears for no reason. Dont use special and mana goes down to half

Can you please elaborate with some more details?


And a video demonstration? Sounds like hansel or gretel special to me.

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Its self explanatory. I do not use my heroes special and my mana goes from full to half. Can not explain it any clearer.

No. Was not going against either one of them. It happened on the titan and in the tournament. Had it not happen in the tournament and caused me to lose you would not be hearing from me.

If you want help from fellow players like us, you have to provide us with some details like what heroes you were using and what heroes the opponents had. You can just go to the tournament log and find the defense team which gave you trouble. The forum is not a place to report bugs and issues, it is where you discuss your problems with fellow players and we try to solve it together. But if you still feel it is a bug, then you have to contact support through the game settings. #contact-support


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