Mana concrete numbers

I find it pretty good to be able to exactly predict when a hero’s Mana would max, taken into account the number of troops he sent, either to the enemies or to the empty battlefield. When I send 9 troops to hit enemies, I know I can max a hero with fast ability, without a troop that adds to Mana, but I would appreciate concrete numbers

Tiles needed: 8 fast, 10 average, 12 slow
Or half of that for ghost tiles (not hitting in enemy)

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you forgot Very Fast(3/6) and Very Slow(7/14).

Thank you that was helpful, but still that means that I have to keep in mind the number of tiles needed still to max the mana bar for every hero or estimate it, I find it helpful to be able to see the numbers and calculate exactly. Another thing that I find baffling is the damage done to a hero and the formula behind it regarding the attack- defence difference, and if those are the only variables in the formula.

Here I used formula (reference inside) and you can compare heroes by how much damage they do. However, to compare to heroes, you need to look just the attack. Exact damage done depends on opponent’s defence.

About mana, with time you’ll learn to decipher mana bar into tiles.

Actually very fast is 6,5 and very slow is 13,5

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