Mana Class Talent and Costume Mana Bonus DO Work in Defense - Staff Response Post #90

With this news, I think mana bonus description from emblems and costumes is VERY irritating to say the least. It should imo explicitly say that this mana bonus is only for offense and NOT for defense. Please fix wording asap to prevent any further major confusion!!

When clicking on a defending costumed hero, it is even plain wrong!!


We’ll be double checking this and let you know here once we have the designers back from holiday.


Just tidied up the title so it describes the issue a bit more clearly.

Hope that’s ok @Aquaginera_7DD?


Well… Staff response to mana bonus not working was that it’s working as intended. So imo the title now is wrong as this is not a bug and also not the bug that I describe in my OP. :smile:


As the discussion on the matter is already underway on the original thread, do you want to keep this one?

And yes, not a bug but certainly a bit of a surprise.

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I’d say those are two different topics, yes. This thread was created to show that the mana bonus description for both emblems and costumes is wrong as it does not say anything about those boni just working on offense and NOT on defense.

The other thread is about how mana in general works on defense.

@Petri Please consider the impact this news has for many players. There are lots of players that did the last emblem node on e.g. Vela or Jabber just for that mana bonus when using this hero solely on defense. Those 250 emblems + resources are now completely useless!


Why it´s not a bug (somehow sounds too familiar to me so i have to ):
product owner forgot to request this in user story and definition of done -> devs dev it like it is -> works as requested…

Thanks for creating the ticket for it @Aquaginera_7DD!

The response is crazy tho. There is nothing in costumes or talent mana nodes description saying that it doesn’t work on defense.

There is thousands of players who are choosing their heroes for war/regular/tournament defense whether they have or don’t have costumes to get them charge faster, the same for talent mana nodes. And it doesn’t work at all

It really should be written somewhere! And pardon me, but response It’s working as intended is pretty stupid @Petri



I was psyched to put my brand new c.Rigard +16 with mana troops out on def yesterday.

Surely he’s super charging and healing like there’s no tomorrow? Er, no. Still average.


Glad to see some progress on this :+1:
Thanks Aqua & Damirius and others for sticking with it.

@Petri Maybe this is a good opportunity for a more thorough review of rules that boost defensive strength?

The +20% attack & defense stat boost already seems excessive in these fully emblemed times. Costume mana gains on top of that might be a bit much, if not balanced somehow.


It already has been balanced, the defences don’t have it. A hidden nerf no one new about as it never existed. Just imagine the outcry if the bonuses suddenly got turned on and all those +20 costumes with level 30 troops become faster.


Maybe but balance and transparency are very different arguments.

If I had this information available when I chose nodes and heroes for defence then my decisions would have been very different.

Things like this, the decreasing mana gain on combos and the damage boost for defenders should all be readily available information, not something the players have to carry out extensive testing to find.

Maybe we need to start testing all the criticals next too see if those nodes are also disabled on defence!


If only there was a way to test critical chances. As it doesn’t apply to special skills, critical on defence heroes is rather wasted. I only take the node on titan heroes

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This is actually stated in one of the earlier release notes here in the forum. I’ll try to find it, hang on. :slight_smile:

Here: 1.4 Release Notes
5th point from the bottom.

  • Further reductions to opponent mana gain from combos made by the player.
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Why are we tip toeing this topic? IMO, this is really egregious. I invest a lot of money and time into this game. I make purchases based on the features a product provides. SG says these costumes and nodes provide mana boost. Then they say, as intended, they actually do not provide mana boost. It looks like a deliberate fraud for people’s money. Fix or refund…


Seriously, SG really messed this one up. How do we now trust anything a card stats now?


Just to restate the obvious here, because I’m in stark disbelief about the costume bonus.

The Joon that I have on my DEFENSE team gets NO BONUS from having his costume maxed?

So he’s the same as a Joon without a costume maxed?

How did no one notice this?!?!?


There’s something really wrong about this, from wherever you look at it.

Waiting for a official response, but whatever it could be, quite difficult to not make many people upset somehow.

They may eventually refound emblems and iron/meat for who talent them, but you can’t refound people that had invested money to gain that specific costume that don’t work as we thought.


I moved +18 talents from Vela to Costume Kadilen, because I BELIEVED the costume bonus would make her a better tank than Ratatosk…who lost his +18 to Costume Joon…WHO IS ALSO NOT HELPED BY HIS COSTUME.

This is horrible. Weeks worth of resources poured into what I thought was a better defense team, but I might as well have base TC20 heroes queued up.


SG better fix this and quickly…so much time and effort into collection of emblems then the food/Iron to get talents and only to be used in offense?? Not to mention the amount of mats and feeders needed to Max 4&5* costumes not to have a mana boost… Crazy…but as long as they’re still getting tons of$ from pulls doubtful it’ll be fixed any time soon…$ before player’s enjoyment seems to be the new moto of SG :slightly_frowning_face:


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