Mana charging question

Dear Community :slight_smile:

Can you help me to explain how it is possible that Brimstone charges faster in a battle (attack) than Gestalt? (first charge)

Gestalt -CT mana speed, + legendary troop at 11% + 2% mana node
Brimstone - avergae mana speed + barbaric troop at 11% + 2% mana node

Other team members: Toon Richard, Charon, Xi Zie Jin (no mana support to nearby if i am not mistaken)

Any idea? :slight_smile:

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Was there a sorcerer in enemy team?


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To stay on topic - are those two your heroes or defender’s heroes? Maybe one is yours, the other is on the defender’s side? I’ve seen a lot of people claiming their fast/VF heroes charge slower than the defender’s. So that’s the first thing i need clarification on.


And everything around mana generation is explained in that thread there :wink:


1.troops make a huge difference worth a check
2.certain classes get 4% mana talent node
3.if a sorcerer is on the other team their attacks can give you negative mana gen
4. Defense heros get a small amount of mana after each turn.

But for your specific answer this would be my guess, your hero as fast needs 15% mana to hit the next tile requirements so your mana buffs wasnt good enough meanwhile average only needs 12% whoch they hit.

While this still leave your fast to cast at 8tiles and him at 9 you mainly match in 3s so 3,6,9 and they only way you can charge without them also charging is to match 4tiles 2times. But even then each turn you make all enemies will get a small amount of mana each turn and This is all assuming the troops was maxed and no sorcerer hit you etc. Hope this helps!

Btw heros on defense are easier to charge, not only do you match tiles into them they get the base mana after each turn.


Ive been experiencing this in the Rush Tourney. I just cannot fire before the enemy. Ive been dumped out already.


I am a little bit confused… It seems like the answers were not about the question… is it because of merge?
I wrote that it was attacking team, and they have exactly the same mana bonuses. (11+2)
@Elioty33 thx for the link, i think this is what i am looking for.

Btw, i was checking the raid logs, and there is a possible solution:

  • sorcerer debuff on Gestalt, so the Winner is @Radar1 :slight_smile: