Mana bar on opponents in raids

Question, If my heros mana bar has to reach full before I can use their special skill, shouldn’t it be the same for the team I’m raiding?

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It should be. If specials are going off without mana that’s a bug. Providing the devs with video of it happening would help them squish it.

Just be aware that there’s a difference between a special going off, and the ongoing effects of a special power - some keep on going for a number of rounds after activation while having something happen every turn, like heal or damage over time, or apparently do nothing until they are triggered by attackers actions, like riposte.

Screan shots I know how to do, don’t know how to video/record. And yes I’m aware of lasting effects. But what I’m seeing isn’t that. The opposing team is firing before their mana is full, then the lasting effect kicks in with each round.

Download this app … its easy to use and will let you recored from E&P or/abd any other apps you have.

Thanks amrolwan, I’m not real savy when it comes to use those type things , but will give itva try

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Any time my friend.
Thats what the forum made for.
Heads up.

Ok got the app and recording how do I upload it?

Got a video now but do not see where to upload, pics yes, vedio no… Help

Upload it to youtube then share the link with us here :wink:

best I can get, hopefully you can see why I’m asking.

You know that there are heroes with 4 types of mana speed.
Very fast
So each hero you have or your opponent have could charge mana faster or slower than or same as your heroes.
Check their special skill speed.
If the hero has it fast like baltazar then he will charge faster than kiril cause kiril is average.

Yes I do know tthat, but these pics are from the first 5 moves I made. As you can see non of mine or theirs has full mana uet. I and a few others in our alliance as noticed this since the last update.

Ok, let me ask this, could it be troop hits I’m seeing, the reason I ask is just played a team with kiril, and he hit, not buffed or healed, again before mana was full

Are you looking at their normal attacks? There’s the special attack, which comes when the mana bar is full and generally has major effects of some type, damage or otherwise, and the weaker normal damage attacks, which are on some sort of countdown. You can tell when those are coming by watching the little numbers under the sword count down. If it turns into an ‘s’ then their mana is full and the next move from that enemy will be their special attack.

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Ok look at the picks, all opponents have numders still showing, and non have full mana. I am confused and have team memders upset. It really seems like something shifted with this last update.
Use this

Lol, thats how I got here. Will do so tomorrow. Thanks amrolwan

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Ok. since I cant create a new ticket on here, Jana won’t mind if i hijack this one. I too have noticed the mana bar and lost several cups to players I should not have. Also have lost a full level on my barracks. Was creating lvl 3 to 4 and woke up to lvl 2 to 3 with 1d 4h left. plz advise

That’s fine Rooster, I don’t mind sharing, if it helps get things worked out.

Great jod DVPs its working like it should. Thank you for all your work!!!

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