Mana bar not visible on iPads without home button

With the latest game update the mana bars for the middle heroes are not visible using an iPad without a home button due to the bar at the bottom of the screen used for app switching.

See the bottom portion of the screenshot below…

I am using an iPad mini 6
running iPadOS 15.0.1
game version 42.0.1 build 1012


Is there a way in iPad settings to change “full screen apps”? I know on Android devices there is a setting where you can enable/ disable specific apps from using “full screen” and taking over space normally reserved for notification bars etc…

No there’s nothing like that on iPad, only for apps that don’t have an iPad version and are just upscaling 2x

This is something the designers will have to adjust for, like when certain levels in the map weren’t visible on iPads and they were on the phones due to the shape of the screen.

Not the only scaling issue with ipad - EnP on ipad has seemingly always cut the heads off larger enemies. Scales normally on iphone but all wonky on ipad.

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