Mana bar is blinking but not filled up

This happened to me just now and I can’t think of anything other than a bug?

(Posting a screenshot but I have a recording if needed)

This has happened to me a few times. I took some screenshots to try look at and see what happened, but I never could figure out. I’m interested to see what others have to say as well :nerd_face:

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So looking at enemies the only mana cutter I see is Ruby.

Hard to tell from the screenshot but had Ruby previously fired and reduced Alasie’s mana? In which case this could be a visual thing wherein Alasie would be full now so is flashing but can’t fire as the mana bar below is correct?

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It’s been reported sporadically over the years. I’ve seen it and reported but never saw any change to a resolution. I guess it’s one of the gremlins of the game?

You’re not crazy. But I doubt you’ll find a reasonable in-game sequence that explains why the mana bar sometimes acts crazy. It really does seem like a straight-up visual bug.


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