Mana Bar flashing when not full - revisited

Same issue as described here: Mana bar flashing when not full

But that thread is closed so I can’t add to it.

Raiding this morning and noticed that Lianna’s mana bar was flashing even though it wasn’t full. Gain still happened as normal. Happened for four raids in a row (yes, three against the same opponent… don’t judge). It seems to only be the first time her mana bar is “activated”. After I fire the special skill once, it behaves as normal (no flashing).

I noticed it yesterday while playing Avalon but did not document with screen shots.

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I had this happen ages ago, with a hero think it was G.Falcon I didn’t see anything on here at the time so didn’t post about It. Plus it was kinda a one off never happened again.
Was you playing avalon with lianna too or was it different heros?

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