Man upper lvl stronghold builds take days.. Why?

Man I love this game, but why does it take 2 days to host my stronghold, I mean I can see 9 hours or even 12 to 16… but two days?.. Then if I don’t have a second builder I gotta wait 2 days to build anything…

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wait until you want stronghold 20, that’s 7 days. Empires and Patience my friend.


Man, i’m here for a year and thats not even •••.
There must be a reason :face_with_monocle:

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hahaha nice.!!!

I’m upgrading my keep to 17 atm and feel the pain, glad i have VIP atm, so i can upgrade other things in the mean time.

Yep, the benefit those starting later get with the VIP double builder. Saves SOOOOO much time on upgrading your base.

OP, if you have double builder, while one is upgrading your SH, have the other upgrading your iron storages so you can start your next SH upgrade right away when completed.