Man....4* troops are tougher to get than HOTM's

I feel your pain. I have been playing for more than a year now and am level 39. In all that time I only got ONE four star troop.

That being said, I also pulled zero HOTM’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think there is a conspiracy here, lol. I got HOTMS I did not want, mostly with epic tokens, and got none I wanted and actually tried to get. Must be some mind reading script somewhere in the game :slight_smile:

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Same here, 3 each of blue and purple, one of yellow and green, no red.

My alt account had 8 4*s within 3 months … very lucky but can be done and rainbow crit troops as well!

Didnt spend a single gem on summons.

I’ve got in this game in January 2018. 1 year and half past. Got 3x 4* of green, blues, purples, yellows. I’m level 54, tp 4200 and still running a 3* red troop barbarian level 15. I’ve decided to level that troop cause I dont heve better. That’s annoying.