Man....4* troops are tougher to get than HOTM's

I’ve obtained 3 HOTM in 6 monhts…only received 4 troops…
3 blues and a purple.

I no longer want to level my 3*'s because i don’t want to wast the resources if I get a 4.

Anyone else have issues getting troops.


After a 3 months drought I get 2 more 4 star troops, which are both duplicates

I have 2 yellow crit 2 red crit and a purple mana

And yes my green and blues are stacked with troops but I’m saving them for a 4 star

Wait ’ Til you need 4* yellow troops… They seem to be the hardest to find…

For me it’s green which I still can’t get, though it took me 11 months to get any yellow 4*, and I still only have mana troops of them.

8,5 months playing, I have two purples (duplicates) and two yellows. But my account seems to have an affinity for dark/holy.

Guess, i am lucky with troops. 7 months playing, got every 4* crit and red dupe and purple mana troops, f2p.


In a little over 4 months, I have received several 4* troops (I have 2 purple, 2 yellow, one green and one blue, still waiting for a red one), but no HOTM in about 30 pulls, so… I cannot agree.

Red 4* Troops elude me.

shakes fist :grin:


Have 6 4* troops (Green, 3 Yellows and 2 Reds) and no HOTM…

Interestingly I get very few 1* and 2* yellow troops (like 1/5 compared to others) but regarding 4*, they are more common.

I commented once on a specific thread and I repeat it again, about 10 months playing and only 2 troops of 4 * the odds are ridiculous! and I do not understand the reason! It is worth considering troops tokens more easily if, but leveling them costs a thousand times and then this one that you do not have an elemental invocation, so if it is difficult for you to get out of 4 * which is also the color you need it seems to be easier to win the lottery…

It took me six months to finally get a full set of 4* troops. I kept getting purple ones (eight of them so far).

I agree that Red were the hardest for me, but once I had a set of them I pulled a Red 4* crit troop using one of the free tokens. It was my 4th by that point, so I ate it. nom nom nom

Missing 4* Red and Yellow troops. Purple troops seem to love me though, I have two 4* and like a million 3*.

No 4* troops of any color in 5 months playing.

You win. :disappointed:

I’ll donate 4* troops if it becomes available

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Ha, whenever one thinks he/she is unlucky, just remember, there is always someone else who is even more unlucky.

To be frank, all my troop acquisition thus far have always arrived from Maps, Daily Summons, and Epic Troop Tokens. I save my gems for hero pulls. So one might say I am not giving myself enough chances at Troops, perhaps when one day I am done with heroes, I’ll use gems on troops, but until that day comes…

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Most of my troops though have come from the Recruits 2 quest that occasionally has that troop token reward.


Red troops of any sort are the rarest for me.

Green by far are the most common.

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Sounds very familiar. I have 4* for nearly every color, just need a green one. But i don‘t wanna waste the resource/troops to that green 3* i use. Tokens & gems always give me dups, this incl. some 4* in the other colors aswell.

Maybe one day, i have one :wink:

I think it is all random. So I got lucky with 4* troops, but unlucky with HOTM and 5* (still none).