Mama North needs emblems... help

OK. Finally got Mother North Maxed. But I have no emblems to give here. My Boril is +18 and Hansel +9. Should I rest Hansel or just deal with it a build them up slowly?

Depends… how often do you actually use Boril & Hansel?

I used to use Hansel every single day in raids, all day, every day. I typically 3-stack attacks, and my green stack was Lianna, Hatter, Hansel. Since I’ve gotten Telluria, I only very rarely use Hansel in my daily raids, but I do use him in wars.

So in my case, I’m thinking about removing emblems from Hansel and shifting them to Hatter (who has no talents yet); I haven’t actually pulled the trigger on that yet.

It also depends on if you have and are willing to use a Reset Emblem. If you’d end up losing emblems in the process, I wouldn’t do it.

I suspect that Mother North is durable enough to do with a slow build-up of emblems, so I’d go that way unless you really don’t use Boril and/or Hansel much.

Good gaming!


@Fizban is totally right; don’t strip either if you still use them often. And Mother North is durable enough to be patient.

One last way I’d look at this: let’s say you strip both and take Mother North to +whatever that is for her. I then give you more Cleric emblems. Do you give them to Hansel or Boril? If so, don’t strip them.

If, instead, your answer is like Ariel or Mist or whatever, then it may be time to re-allocate your Cleric emblems as a whole.


Thanks. I use Boril in every event. It is the only way I can finish them. I do use Hansel in color stack raids and wars. Thank you for the input!

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You should calculate how deep in the talent tree on mother you would get.
I would guess that +18 boril and +6 hansel would get mother to maybe 8 or 9 talents.

As soon as you can win with another tactic than the classy boril +4 healers, you may overthink giving Mother some emblems

I use her +14 and thanks to valorpass +16 in a while. There she comes over 930 defense and is mostly impossible to kill.

Personal advise: combine Mother with brynhild. The mana boost gets mother ready much faster and the +specialattackdefense makes mother almost impossible to kill (and thanks to brynhild even undispellable. So even kageburado has tears in his eyes when he hits her)


On a 4*, +18 talents (Boril) is 395 emblems, while +9 talents (Hansel) is 205.

Those 600 emblems would bring Mother North to +9.



Good advice. I do have a Brynhild, just not started. I could reset Margie and give those to her… a bunch to think about. I suppose a Cyprian +0 and a Boril +0 would work for me. Also, where is your line up did you place them?

hmmm… I am sitting on 3 reset emblems.

Hansel is one of the best 4*s…I did the opposite, took an Ariel to +15, MN to +7, and am now wondering if I should load up Hansel or C. Rigard or just continue with Mom. I still raid with Hanse against blue tanks but that’s rare since they are are Tellurias these days.

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