Malosi's Special Effect doesn't work like the description

I was raiding today, bringing Malosi and G.Jackal. The defending team only had Vivica and Isarnia left. I hit Vivica with Jackal’s Elemental Def Down and then Malosi’s Status Block. Vivica fired her effect one turn later.

This is what I thought would happen: Vivica should heal either herself or no one, then bring Def Up for either herself or no one. Finally, dispel status ailment on herself or no one.

This is what actually happened: Vivica healed Isarnia (for about 500HP or so) but not herself (the ‘block’ sign is shown on her). She did not dispel the Elemental Def Down and there was no Def Up action happening.

Is Malosi’s Status Block a bit…random and does not reflect his description (and I quote):

  • The target cannot cast any new status effects or stacks on enemies or allies for 3 turns.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or working as intended. And I’m sorry, I was in “the zone” so totally forgot to take pictures, ergo the long-winded explanation.

Healing is not a status effect… So working as intended and I’m pretty sure she healed herself too…
Maloshi just block cleanse and deff up

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But cleanse is no status effect either :thinking:
Or is it?

Here is what Malosi can not block:

Ok now we can see the order of Vivica special:

  1. Recovers 44% health for all allies
  2. All allies get +63% defense for 4 turns
  3. Dispels status ailments from all allies

At step 1, Malosi can not block this, so it should cast just like normal, heal all allies.
In your case if Vivica not heal, then should be a bugs.

Step 2, Malosi can block this, so no defense buff for allies.
In your case it is work as intended.

Step 3, Malosi can not block dispell all allies.
In your case, if jackal element defdown is not clared, then it is a bugs.

That just in theory.


If it does not have duration/limit, it is not status effect.

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