Malosi vs Leonidas

  • Malosi
  • Leonidas
  • Wait for better 5* holy

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If you have time please elaborate on your choice. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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They both have decent skills, but very fast speed is much stronger than medium - in most cases you can use special before enemy tank (or other buffer/debuffer) uses his own.

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Malosi. He is a live safer

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I have Leonidas 3/70 and Malosi maxed.

Leonidas is a no-brainer, you shoot whenever and it’s fine. Damage+heal and mana cut, nice features. Of course he’s in a bit of disadvantage because he’s average.

Malosi’s special is very useful but his special must be timed correctly, his damage is meh, he compensates by being very fast. I think he would be more balanced if he blocks casting statuses to three opponents, rather than one.

In the current meta, I think Malosi’s status block is more important, but Leonidas (emblemed) is more all-rounder. To me, he’s particularly suited in wars with field aid, placed on a corner

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To destroy Vela-Tell-GM meta? :wink:

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I was talking in general but that would be a nice bonus indeed :grin:

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