Malosi special

Can someone please explain what Malosi is going to stop, vs a Titan, I still get poisoned or def down, minus attack etc. Isn’t he supposed to stop that?

Is he definitely hitting the Titan? If you use Wu or Ranvir, he might be missing

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The Malossi stop a special attack
Warning! below skills that Malosi doesn’t block:

  • direct damage
  • mana reduction
  • summoning helpers
  • direct health regeneration
  • deactivating enemy effects
  • deactivation of ally effects

No, his special is active on Titan

If you can get screenshots, that would be helpful :slightly_smiling_face:

As I stated in my question, none of those

In 4 hrs I’ll get a screen shot

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No titan I know does all of those effects. As it was mentioned before, short video or screen would help.

Possibly its a rare titan using reflection?! That would explain why you get some debuffs. For example red reflects, your malosi wont be reflected and will be “active”.
But your wilbur, scarlett, guardianfalcon effects would be reflected on yourself.

I know not one Titan does that, I’m saying that when I have a Titan that does one of those and malosi’s special is active I still get hit with that particular status… I’m still waiting for a flag to get a pic

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So I guess I must have missed something, this past attack, I didn’t get poisoned… Lol, didn’t have time to take a pic, trying to hit Titan!!

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Are you happy for me to close the thread @Hawkeye or do you want to test it further?

Yep all good you can close

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