Malosi special wasted

Using multiple malosi it appears as when a malosi does a kill hit and you use the Next malosis special rapidly instead of hitting a new target it hits the remnants of the dying hero slash villains temporary ghost negating and wasting the special

INFO: Are you using 2 malosi’s? When you fire Malosi the second time did you select a different target?

I’m wondering if the hero you hit was going into ghost mode, in which Malosi would fire at it still but wouldn’t do any damage. Just a guess. Hard to see what you mean without a vid or screenshot.

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Lol rapid play is impossible to screen shot sorry but usually when a hero or villain dies it switches I did not know that it won’t automatically switch and hit a shell of a hero or villain.

I think you have found both the cause and the solution to your problem. :slight_smile:

Don’t hit the second Malosi’s special rapidly… wait to see if the first one kills its target, and if the target manages to revive or some other rez ability, before choosing your target and activating the second Malosi.

Simple gameplay error, not a bug.

Good gaming!


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