Malosi or Ranvir or Leonidas

Whom to level first, Malosi or Ranvir or Leonidas ? Have a Joon maxed already and Delilah and Vivica also. These are my 5* options.

What * titans are you fighting? Do you have Miki, Tarlak or emblemed Wu? If you are fighting 13-14* titans and only have untalented Wu, you may need to max Ranvir.

Otherwise, I’d go with Malosi since he’s great against Telluria and other heroes who cast buffs/debuffs.


I have Miki and Tarlak maxed. 8 to 10 star Titans. So Malosi. Thank you. Raiding and war useful with Ranvir?

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Malosi for sure.



So Ranvir is a yellow Atomos.


When you have other titan heroes, yes. By the way, this is one of the best sentences I have seen on the forum :smile:

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very unpopular opinion: I love Leonidas mana cut.

I wouldn’t say that – at least Ranvir is fairly useful for one part of the game (being titans). Though in your case having Miki and Tarlak, Ranvir is pretty redundant indeed.

But I can’t see a good use for Atomos at all.

I’ll add my vote for Malosi.

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OK. So I will max. my three Malosis, then Leonidas and in a few years maybe Ranvir…

Thx all for your support.

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You have Miki and Tarlak maxed, so I bet Ranvir will sit there forever.

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Lol. You may be right.

Surely, since I got Miki my Ranvir is used for wars only. I regret giving him darts, so don’t do that. Malosi is da way.

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Okay. I’ll follow your advice. THX.

how about diversity?

I have 13 yellow 5* so I think I have enough diversity.

An alternative opinion would be that if you have Wu already, definitely not Ranvir. But, if you lack Wu, then Ranvir would work. Malosi is great on offense, and ok but not great for titans.

I have a similar dilemma: I have no yellow 5* maxed, I have only Wu for Titan buff, I got Malosi, Leonidas - and today I got Ranvir.

I did a 30 pull on Atlantis and really wished for Poseidon.

Malosi seems useful and I’m planning on leveling him, but could Ranvir be more useful? i’d like to succeed with Titans as this is a main ascension material source, but would Ranvir (more stamina, same buff] would make a difference justifying precious 4* ascension mat? I really dont mind on the food/effort involved…

Thanks in advance!

I’d stick to malosi… Wu should be fine until you get to higher star titans… like 12* and above. By then, hopefully you’ll have tarlak or miki.

I just realized that I’m making a huge assumption that you’re not already on higher star titans. For that, I apologize.

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I’m on 10* Titans and Wu is emblemed for defense. He is not fragile, but he does die.

I’d love Miki, Tarlak, or Gazelle - but what are my chances to get them? Im not a big spender.

Sounds like the advice is to level Malosi, but keep Ranvir for the day Wu will be too fragile to the Titans…

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