Malosi or Grimble, or Frigg?

I can select 1 from FS right now and will highly likely be able to select two others before March. Anzogh and Frida are a no brainer for my roster, the question on the third is Malosi or Grimble now or Frigg later.

Malosi is unique and helpful against some powerful heroes, I don’t have another hero filling his function. My barbarian emblem inventory is very low, but it will recover and I don’t currently have another barbarian so getting him to +20 will just be slow.

Grimble is a great minion hero, but I actually have good minion heros already with Ogima, Bera, orig-Skadi, Visellus and even Noor. On the plus side, I’ve got lots of Cleric emblems and no clerics to level.

Frigg is a decent fast hit-all green with some def down. I’ve got Silvaria for def-down to 3 and El Naddaha, Guan Yu, Lu Bei, and C. Francine as greent hitters, all at hit-3.


I have both Malosi and Grimble. I use them a lot.
If I were you I would select Malosi and Grimble. :grinning:
Malosi is versatile and at a very fast speed, he can shut down the most dangerous enemy heroes when they are about to cast their status effect ability.
Grimble is one of the best minion counters. He is better than your Bera, original Skadi or Viselus.

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Grimble and Malosi are both relatively timeless heroes. They do what they do and it will always be valuable.
Frigg being newer is stronger but she is losing value quickly and you already have some good options in green, although you could use a fast defdown to build a fast damage stack rather than the avg speed you probably play now.
Anzogh has already lost most of his value, not much left to loose now, but still the best red option in the new list. But I would certainly keep thinking about him for a while before you pick him up. any time you get a new red hero chances are Anzogh is getting dropped again right away.

Bottom line, pick one now, which one is up to what you think will help you more. Or choose by color or class.

Frida is a great pick next time and after that you´ll see if you still have use for Anzogh or maybe Frigg will be more useful then or you just wait for the new list after that which will likely have a lot more interesting choices again.

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I went ahead and picked Grimble despite having a range of minion control. I realize that minion control will be needed for a while, especially with multi team events like W3K, wars and others that seem to be planned.

As far as Anzogh, I currently have Noor as my only red 5* healer at 10% heal. I could finish the red elemental set of quests, but only with a huge number time stops used. Anzogh just got a buff of sorts as the hotm yearly talents got increases. Anzogh, as a 2019, now has a +10% attack and with c.Marj, and red def down, he starts to look better. At least good enough to be a reasonable choice to use.

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In that case I would most certainly get a second Marj maxed!

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