Malosi not blocking Fridas special?!


I believe that actually Frida dispeled BK even though she’s under malosi block.

Here’s BK before Frida’s SS:

Here’s after Frida’s fire:

She dispeled him right?
Here’s the video from that part:


Dispell does not count as status ailment, therefore is not blocked by Malosi.

It’s actually BK’s taunt that saved Malosi from being dispelled as well.


I used Malosi on Wu Kong in today’s war. Wu Kong fired and still put up the attack buff to the defensive team. I was under the impression that Wu Kong’s special was a “buff”, so I am failing to understand why Malosi is not blocking Wu Kong’s special?

Are you sure that Monk’s resist didn’t stop the Malosi’s debuff?

I thought at the time that Wu did not block. But, upon review of video replay of that match, I did come to find that Wu withstood the hit from Malosi.

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