Malosi Needs some Bass! (Audio)

First, let me say that I’m glad to have received Malosi. His artwork looks great and though it will take me a while to level him, he seems to have great potential.

Of course, I tried him out as soon as I could. The first time I charged up his special, I just happened to be wearing my headphones (better sound than my phones speakers).

So he’s charged up, I activate his special, I see the fist loading up, it flies across the screen aaaaaand, it sounded like a piece of sandwich meat fell on the floor, :frowning:

Thank you developers for all that you do, forgive me if this sounds petty, but please add some “Punch” to Malosi’s PUNCH. Pun intended.

The Power Punch needs some BASS!!!


Just to add some weight to this request :slight_smile: :


As someone who fished often to no avail, catching a bass was a big deal to me. Took years and years, and when I caught that bass, I petted it on its head, let it go and never fished again. Amen, hallelujah.


Oh, and Malosi stinks. Haven’t drawn him, don’t care if I do, and he will get darts if I do cuz yellow kinda sucks always, just like Neith. And I get darts always. Sigh…

I’d like to use Malosi’s special on this video! :laughing:

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Lol, you crack me with a piece of sandwich fell on the floor. I don’t have him, but curious about that.

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I can’t like this post, I can’t vote for this post. I don’t have Malosi, but now I want him just so I can laugh at your description of his special EVERY time I use it!!! :joy:

Pssst anyone got a dime bag of likes or a 40 of votes? Just keep it on the DL, I don’t need no coppers hitting me up with a distro charge yo


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My apologies for not addressing your specific question but this post is about the sound of Malosi’s special. He’s cool, the animation for his special is cool, the design of his fist is cool, but the sound it makes (my reference to sandwich meat hitting the floor) is just sad. :confounded: I hope they give him a great audio to match his character.


Fair enough, I play with the sound off so :mask:

Ahh reminds me of this game’s sound, I guess I should turn it back on.

I have Mr. Malosi at 3/70 and please, please, Please, give him a 60hz bass drum tone and the impact of his punch animation. Or maybe even a muted open E note from a bass guitar. His puch should sound thick like a kick from a Horse, all puns intended :slight_smile:

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