Malosi, how to best use him

Can anyone explain exactly how to best use Malosi !? I’ve practiced using him in different instances, and feel like I’m just not understanding his benefit. Perhaps if someone can give me examples of when he’s appropriate, that would be helpful :slight_smile: I have him at 3/70, and as of now, can’t imagine using my darts on him. Thank you in advance for any advice.

Use against costume rigard, tel, guin etc. Any hero that gains anything after their attack. It blocks them from gaining health etc. That’s the best I can explain it. I’ve been playing for 2 years and still have no clue what I’m doing. All I do is look at their tank and add a mono tank killer tbh. Lol


Attack hero, use him with an 11+ mana troop to shut down any hero with excessive buffs. Boss wolf, Aegir, Aeron etc. Or just help to lessen the damage done to you by blocking Tellurias Heal and negative mana regen or the defense down part of Kunchen etc.

Very versatile, while not blocking direct damage, heals, dispels, direct mana cuts or minion summon it can at least block the burn part or negative attack from a hero. Vela and Gravemaker aren’t very damaging with his debuff either. I use him in every war.

Don’t put him in defense, rather weak there.


Look at this list:

[📑 Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks - Dead topic see link in post #190]

See the buffs and the ailments.
Malosi has ‘Very Fast’ speed!
And that’s a very long list…
which Malosi can prevent happening!
He is good for surviving terrible things
When you are Attacking!


He’s one of the most useful and used heroes in my roster. He’s especially great against BK, Boss Wolf, Aegir among others as he shuts them down entirely. I also no longer fear stacking yellows against Ursena has he prevents the yellow reflect from being cast. With a lvl 11 mana troop he charges in 6 tiles which is typically easy enough to get early on. I find that often, if he can fire right away it virtually guarantees a win.


Agree with all of the above - malosi is great against heroes where the status effect (dot, attack down, def up, etc) is a big part of their special.

Let’s take a really common defense of seshat, gravemaker, telluria, vela, and d fong

If you can get malosi’s special off before telluria fires - her special ends up being a wet noodle hit plus a minion. If you have a hero to pair with malosi (say, Grimble) that you can then fire, you shave off ~3 tiles from malosi’s second charge, so you can then use it to either make GM or Vela’s special be super weak.

At that point, hopefully you’ve been able to clear one or two columns, so then your malosi will charge with one ghosted match - which is pretty great to avoid drake’s blind.

Now, that assumes a decent board, but hopefully highlights how you might use him!


It seems a bit odd to say it but I think Malosi is probably the best single hero counter to Telluria. He’s not red so no strong tile damage but his ability is easy to get off before Telluria goes off and does a good job of significantly reducing the effectiveness of her special. No HoT and no Mana debuff leaves you with a 130% damage to all heroes and some pretty weak minions.

Similarly I think he’d actually be pretty good into Guinevere even though he’s weak tile damage. He’d block the HoT and the defense against dark heroes leaving you with only the 20% mana reduction. Still annoying to lose the mana but a lot less dangerous when she isn’t getting the massive HoT and defense buff.


I use him when I’m fighting Boril / Cyprian / Elena. It makes Boril & Cyprian useless with only 6 tiles (3 if ghost).

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Well, mostly I am using him to prevent my team from dot and the whole GTV teams. If you pair him with a fast cleaner, specially a costumed Sonya with high emblems, you can reduce their output to a low 4* level damage.

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He’s one of my favorite heroes. I use him to completely neutralize heroes like JF, BK, Gazelle, or anyone else whose skills are buff/debuff based. He’s also valuable against heroes like Justice, Isarnia, or Finley who have an annoying debuff as part of their special. He also lets me stack yellow against teams with Ursena in them, since he’ll block her reflect (I still need to plan for the damage if she goes off, but that’s more manageable that the reflect).

He’s one of the few heroes I’ll consider fully leveling two of.

I have him at +16 and use him in a stack with Jackal +19, C. Joon +19 for offensive raiding


from a tactical point of view,

I use Malosi just before a particularly dangerous hero charges their special.

And with level 11 mana troop, indeed he charges in 3 ghosted tiles. Makes him amazing against wing heroes.

Last night, he finished off an Athena and a Clarissa in wing, sure they still did damage, but without their defense debuff/DoT respectively.

Maybe it also depends on the arena you are raiding in. But I find that the higher in Diamond I go, defenses become more packed with status effect casters/buffers, so Malosi becomes much more useful.

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He’s an odd one is Malosi. I use him in conjunction with Guardian Jackal for 2 V.Fast 6 tile hits. Malosi following GJ hits a lot harder and it’s a 2 punch that can drop a hero.

Which means his block ability doesn’t always come into play early for me.

Where I tend to see Malosi special in play a lot more is in the late game where Jackal might be dead (he’s the dictionary definition of a glass cannon after all)

Then Malosi’s hits aren’t doing a tonne of damage by themselves and blocking abilities then becomes more useful.

But at this stage he can be the difference between winning and losing as he will help to keep the nastier buffs/debuffs at bay whilst you chip away at them.

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I have him maxed and on 6th level of the emblems. Just used him during Legendary stages in the Riddles of Wonderland and he was great against all legendary heroes there making it much easier for me to finish Legendary level. I really like to use him against Telluria, Vela, GM and especially against Jean-Francois. JF does absolutely nothing when he is hit by Malosi. When Malosi is used wisely, he can really eliminate or at least weaken most dangerous enemy heroes.


Thank you so much! This has been extremely helpful and makes complete sense. I have been using him incorrectly it seems. I’m going to finish leveling him up, now that I understand how best to use him!


The best use is to completely shut down tanky status effect users such as Black Knight & CO. when they are about to cast.

When against glassy opponents, heavy hitters as Joon have still an edge over him.


The “best” use is unclear to me, but after maxxing Malosi roughly a month ago and after using him quite a bit, I find him to be very useful and often bring him to battles instead of other yellows.

First of all, get him a lvl 11 mana troop. Having him ready in only 2 turns makes you able to potentially deny your oponent’s tank first special. That’s priceless and is often the difference between winning or losing a match.

That being said, Malosi’s primary use for me is blocking specials. When deciding on who to fire Malosi on (or even if I’m bringing him to battle in the first place) I divide heroes in 4 categories:

  1. Liannas → That means heroes that only heal, deal damage or summon minions. Malosi has no use here, unless he’s able to kill said hero, but Malosi will let you down if you think of him as a sniper. If I’m attacking a defense full of these guys, I would much rather bring someone like Neith or Joon over Malosi.
  2. Marjanas → Against these guys, Malosi could be used to prevent a minor (but sometimes annoying) side effect, like a dot or a small heal. Using him on one of these heroes is not the most optimal decision, but can be done in critical situations.
  3. Gravemakers → Malosi will block an important part of the opposing hero’s special. You will still have to endure something like an upfront damage, heal, cleanse or dispel, but it’s generally very worth to use Malosi on these heroes.
  4. Jean-François → Malosi will block 100% of the hero special. That’s where Malosi shines the most.

I would say the majority of the heroes in this game fit into categories 3 and 4 and therefore Malosi is a great tool against them all.

On top of that, he can also act as a finisher, as he is doing 450-550 damage by himself and even more when paired with buffers and debuffers.

Lastly, I like his elemental link very much against purple titans. I bring him along with Tarlak, Jackal, White Rabbit and Neith (tile damage) and found his +crit boosted my scores a little bit.

To summarize, Malosi is one of the very few heroes I would max a duplicate for wars and TOL, because of how versatile and useful he is. He is a great asset to have in any roster.


Thank you so much, this was extremely helpful!