Malosi fail to block for allies

Sorry, I saw some Malosi posts that were possibly related, but I think they were closed. Please forgive me if starting a new topic is a fail on my part.

I was just fighting a S3 hard level on 6June2020 about 1030am central time. I activated Malosi on the boss. Then the boss went off and only Malosi was protected from the defense down. Maybe I dont quite understand or maybe the boss has an innate ability to bypass. I took a screen shot immediately after it happened so hopefully that will help clear it up. Thanks for your time and keeping E&P fun.

Looks to me like the realm bonus of the boss causes the defense ailment. Malosi’s special doesn’t help against realm bonus, only against casted special effects. He is not affected by the realm bonus because of his innate ability to resist defense ailments.

EDIT: Actually not sure if there is any boss with that realm bonus and if the icon wouldn’t look different if it was. So might be a different reason. But still seems to be that the innate ability of Malosi was protecting him…

@diesdas, I hadn’t considered the realm bonus as I didn’t even realize that it was so close to dead and the defense down didn’t happen until he fired his special. so it must have just been a timing issue. I will keep an eye on that in the future. Thanks for the likely explanation.

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Which level was it? As I said, I am not even sure if there is that realm bonus and if it has the same icon as the usual defense down… Couldn’t figure that out. When I read your post, it was my first logical explanation… but then I wasn’t so sure anymore.

Honestly, I think I will have to. Chalk this user error. First there is no realm bonus, I just played it again to see if I could duplicate the issue. His block worked every time that it was activated. If you look at my original picture, I had several buffs activated. After the enemy fired, one of the buffs ended and it caused them to shift. Then I noticed the defense down. I can not 100% guarantee that it wasnt there before. I didn’t think it was there before, but it is possible and I didnt think to check because I was so certain at the time. If it should happen again, i will do some more diligence in looking for possible causes before i assume it was a bug. I think it was 12-3 or 4 by the way, in answer to that question. As far as I’m concerned, this issue was likely my own fault and is now resolved. Thanks for the help.


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