Malosi doesn't block Hades' (Mythic Titan) negative attack damage stacks

Malosi’s card says “The target cannot cast any new status effects or stacks on enemies or allies.” However, the stacks still apply on the titan.

I don’t see anything on the titan that indicates this shouldn’t work.


What stacks are you talking about? The Stack due to status effect? It’s a passive ability. Malosi only negates the effect when the opponent uses a special skill. Malosi’s special isn’t going to prevent the titan’s PASSIVE ability.

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The source of the stacks comes from the target in one way or another. I don’t buy this explanation.

It’s fine you don’t buy it, but that’s the mechanics of it. As you quoted:

The titan isn’t casting anything. Just like hitting Myztero with Malosi doesn’t prevent him from memorizing ailments. It’s a passive ability.

Myztero’s passive ability isn’t specifically called a stack, either.

So? You’re splitting hairs. He’s getting a new status as he has memorized a new status.

Bera blocks Noor’s passive once Noor has been debuffed. According to your reasoning that shouldn’t happen.

Bera doesn’t block Noor’s passive. Noor just can’t gain minions because she is debuffed. That’s a different mechanism. It doesn’t contradict what I’m saying.

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Going back to what you said here “Malosi only negates the effect when the opponent uses a special skill.” That is not how Malosi’s card reads. It does not explicitly say cast from special skills, it says the target cannot cast, period. A passive ability is a part of the target, period. We can go back and forth on this but it’s clear neither of us have the answer, only SGG knows what is intended.

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That’s exactly how it reads, and how you quoted it.

I emphasize the word cast. The Mythic Titan is not casting a passive ability. It CASTS a special skill.

And no, it doesn’t stop the target from casting. He can cast and do damage, he just doesn’t cause status effects.

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As much as I love Malosi, I have to agree that the wording (cast) implies an active ability.

Good catch though, and worth discussing.

Same situation as here: Paladin talent triggers despite active Malosi special

Because it is a passive ability and not CAST, malosi doesn’t affect it.


Thanks Guvnor. It seems there has been a lot of confusion in the past with this. It looks like Malosi could benefit from some clarification on his card.

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