Malosi blocked my ariel

Just curious about malosi attacking ariel. I just hit ariel with malosi to block her team wide mana buff. However, malosi did not block her from giving the mana buff.

I feel with malosi’s special he should absolutely block ariels special. After all thats his sole purpose. In addition ariels card does not say she cleanses and then mana buffs the team or am i wrong @zephyr1 ?? It seems theres always a hidden manual about this stuff that no one knows about.

Were there emblems on Ariel? Mana Shield likely kicked in

Ariels card for reference:

The order of her special says that the Mana Buff would be applied BEFORE the Cleanse kicks in. so that’s not the reason it didn’t apply.

Reasons I can think of:

  1. Malosi Buff Silence timed out.

  2. Mana-Shield kicked in to prevent the effect from sticking (not 100% sure about this as I don’t know if Cleric Class can resist Silences… :man_shrugging: )

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Translate: "Mana Shield: Resistance to status effects that negatively affect mana, or effects that do not allow you to use special skills»

Ariel covered herself with the cleric’s shield ))))


So this means that Malosi can miss Kunchen too… :thinking:

Yes. But given the difference in speed, it is likely that Kunchen will get slapped by Malosi more often than He will have time to cover himself with the cleric’s shield. )))

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My Malosi is still small - 4/42. I haven’t taken him into battle yet, because my opponents in the arena have a strength of 4500 or higher. But soon, I will test the guy in raids. I’ll see how much Malosi can lower Kunchenu’s self-esteem. )))

That doesn’t make sense. Mana buff is a buff status, not an immediate mana effect to trigger the mana shield.

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Malosi special is not silence. Mana shield shouldn’t have any effect on him.

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The situation you’ve described sounds like Ariel should have been blocked from casting the status effect.

What was the rest of the team? Is it possible we’re missing a piece of what was going on?

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Eg was a certain kitty sitting nearby


Surely Ariel’s cleric shield special would negate Malosi

It shouldn’t. Manashield block ailments that block a special from being cast. Malosi blocks the buffs/debuffs, not the special itself.

This sounds like a bug but there’s not enough info to say for sure


Damn :roll_eyes:

Thank you


Would buff/debuff not part of special in itself?

It stops them from taking effect. It doesn’t stop them from being cast.

I think this is a visual bug as I’ve seen “manashield” pop up on other clerics (kunchen) after being hit by Malosi. But Malosi’s effect worked as intended and blocked -defense application.

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