Malosi – 5* Holy/ Yellow - April 2020 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

I’m puzzeled. That’s a big oversight for an experienced player… with only 6 tiles, Malosi makes fun of the likes of Krampus, BK, c.Kadilen, or Alfrike (hopefully the bug gets fixed soon). Also prevents unwanted side effects from so many like Finley, Frigg or Vela. I’m considering ascending a second for wars.


I agree with @Ian487, what do you find as a better option to deal with those status-only heroes, or taunt heroes? Malosi is a permanent fixture on my raid teams. It’s a bit different now with the raid formations as I may take Proteus instead, but I can’t imagine not having Malosi and being as successful for raiding as I am now. If I had multiples, I wouldn’t hesitate leveling them all up, even if only to 3/70.


No oversite, as I said I have my reasons, the biggest being that he just doesn’t fit my play style and my teams and my opponents.

In your examples of Krampus, BK or C-Kadilen, I will stack a strong colour against them… Wouldn’t take yellow against any of those tanks…

In the case of Alfrike, there is an argument but realistically at my level, the only time I see Alfrike consistently is when she’s very fast tournaments/ wars when I have other better options.
In war time, the vast overwhelming majority (like talking 26/30) tank we face is Bera / Freya… Against whom, Malosi isn’t very handy as he doesn’t block minions (would rather Uraeus than Malosi)…

All comes back to play-style and heroes available and also who you actually see in raids.


I pulled a second Malosi in ToL a couple of days ago and am seriously considering levelling him, probably to 3.70 for use in lower levels of ninja tower etc. If I had tonnes of darts he would go all the way. Paired with Jackal one on each flank in a 3-2 he hits fairly decently and very often. Agree he’s not ideal for Bera/Freya use, but he renders BK and DOT heroes helpless.


Hmmm… I am sitting on 10 darts. I could do a 2nd Malosi, 2nd cJoon, Neith, Delilah, Leo or Bai Yeong.

Difficult. Delilah has been sitting at 3/70 forever, and should probably get some love, but Yeong’s blind is tempting, and I love my Malosi and cJoon…

I would do Bai Yeaong he is very helpful on purple titans.

Any news regarding the Alfrike bug?

It’s in beta

Thanks, good to know!

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