Malicna, Frosth, Yang Mai, Elradir & Devana nerf

Minus? This is a huge nerf. Basically it renders the element link completely irrelevant…
This link was mostly usefull to charge average (for those who don’t have mana 23 troops) and slow heroes after it was casted. Now it’s useless because you will most likely find the 3-match tiles you need to charge them up before the end of the 4 turns.


Yeni güncelleme ile Malicna, Frosth, Yang Mai, Elradir ve Devana’nın ilgili Element Linkleri tarafından verilen mana miktarı biraz azaldı.
Elradir in özelliklerini iyice bozdular. saçmaladılar iyice, o özelliğini düşür bu özelliğini düşür. Biz bu heroyu kullanmayalım o zaman. Başta yüksek gösterip aldırıyorsunuz sonra bütün özelliklerini düşürüyorsunuz. Ne yapayım bu kadar düşük savaşçıyı. :frowning::triumph::rage:

40% nerf for you it’s minute??? And what for you it’s maximum, maybe 100% ? Yes we all know you are fan girl of SG but if you don’t have to tell us something constructive better don’t say nothing.


@Samantha7 What is sad, but not absurd at all is how you manipulate the information, doing exactly what you accuse others of doing, insult people and refuse to carry a discussion based on real arguments or answer direct questions as already several people asked you.

This shows me that you are a manipulating troll bent on defending SG and Zynga at all costs.


Chill Pill —> Blue Pill??? Oh Oh :frowning_face_with_open_mouth:


From Wikipedia:
The terms " red pill " and " blue pill " refer to a choice between the willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing truth by taking the red pill or remaining in contented ignorance with the blue pill. The terms refer to a scene in the 1999 film The Matrix .

Oh Boy! I want the red pill please and get right away down the rabbit hole :hole:! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And that’s why both my girls are staying 70 for the rest of they’re lives.

Devana it’s an ok hero, you can give her the darts without regret, her dispel ant minion make her independent of the elemental link, malicna for me don’t deserve the tabards, yes her hit to 3 it’s ok but for her main special you have to pray to hit the first alternative, the second and the third it’s just mehh.


I’m not saying devana doesn’t deserve dards or malicna tabards. I have plenty for them both. I’m saying that my girls won’t pass level 70.

Im just tired of this nonsense of nerf old heroes and OP new heroes and give more power to already great heroes.


Just tried the new version.

The changes are very noticeable and are definitely not minor.
It takes 1-2 more turns to charge fast / avg heroes, and slow heroes do not charge at all


nerfing these hotm really disappointing move by SG (again and again).

yeah they are sucks now, their elemental link almost feel non existent (unless u are a whale with high level mana troops), but i think even the whales themselves will not really use these hotm since they have many premium heroes

what a shame. SG just continue to torture F2P and C2P players even further that own these hotms by making them (that already have weak attack) now become obsolete


I’m just trying to understand the nerf. But I can’t. But frigg and Odin morel and other freaking strongs, are fine. OK


So this change has been live for a while now and I’ve had plenty of time to play with the new changes.

It’s very disappointing to say the least. The mana gain is hardly noticeable and almost never makes any difference to my games.

I still don’t understand this nerf. For the most part the link was what made these heroes worth ascending. Not a single one of them was a top tier hero.

I think Devana is still ok. Maybe Frosth. In certain niche situations I could see an argument for Elradir. I’m now annoyed that I ascended Yang Mai, think she is the hardest hit out of this group as her elemental link was the best thing about her. She is an inconsistent low damage dealer without any utility now. I didn’t draw Malicna but i believe she’s in the same boat as Yang Mai.

Their family bonus better end up being earth shattering to justify this.


That is ridiculous… I want my money back… SG… You are a cr@p

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I can understand your anger. I am angry too… Noone asked
for this nurf… but they did it… SG… Why did you do that ? Answer us…

I leveled and emblemed Elradir with a large part of the appeal being his ability to use the elemental link for green stacks, especially against the Bera mana cut. After playing with this nerf on an already iffy hero, it has significantly impacted his value to me. I just don’t get it since he was questionable to me from the start.
Devana I still use and enjoy, and Frosth is still disappointing to me. Elradir is the main one who has shifted tiers for me from this nerf.


I have all of them… And I can say ,that Yang Mai and Frost was a playable and usefull heroes… Now I have a regular ones… I am very disappionted… This is really NOT FAIR.


If they really felt they had to nerf these heroes, because for some reason they figured the link was just too powerful, which I don’t think is the general consensus of the players at all, then they should have balanced it by buffing each of the heroes involved.

Maybe increase Yang Mai’s chance for additional hits? increase the starting attack/health on Frosth’s minions? Damage of Devana’s attack? Amount reflected by Elradir? Higher chance of the big debuff by Malicna?

Anything to make people feel like their heroes are/were a good use of resources.

The big problem with this nerf is no explanation and they were not problem heroes. I understood where they were coming from when Telly and Vela got nerfed, I feel they went too far, but at least it made sense. This was out of the blue, makes no sense, and comes with no explanation.


Of course… Morel , Frigg and Odin are fine and they do not need nerf… but these poor heroes was nerfed… with no explanation… with no obvious reason… noone asked for that and noone complained that they are OP .What a nonsense.


I haven’t had a chance to test the mana yet - is one turn no longer enough?

One thing I am pleased about is that an average hero with a level 11 mana can still be charged to ful one turn after Malicna goes off, so that at least has not changed for me.

I won’t argue about fairness of the nerf but of the whole set of HOTMs that were part of the nerf I personally still get the most use of out of Elradir. He is just so situationally powerful that if I encounter those situations I bring him in (and his duplicate brother)

This is why the nerf…when they get the 2021 family bonus you use 2 and all the heroes will get the mana buff per turn. Which would make these absolutely nuts in certain circumstances which certain heroes and team builds.

I do wish they told us this rather than me trying to figure it out but it all clicked today with the picture below

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